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by mary
Rated: E · Preface · Fantasy · #1371224
An introduction and warning of a reawakening of what was thought to buried forever.
              I want to make sure first thing that you understand my true intentions here.  This is my story and I feel I owe it to you. It's not meant to frighten you or to put you on gaurd and I can asure you I don't mean you any harm.  What I have to say is an introduction that I feel is only fair. You've gone to long as it is without knowing I was here.  Hell I've gone too long without knowing what I was or that I was truly here, but now I know what I am and  I won't settle for anything less than all there is.  This is the only chance I get in life and I won't hide or be ashamed of what I am not for your sake or anyone elses.
          Really a part of you probably always knew I was here anyway.  I'm what you buried long ago, not out of hatred or disgust but because you fear anything diffrent than you.  Tragically thats your nature to destroy anything that can't be understood or torn into it's basic parts and controlled, anything that might have the potential to be more than you.
           But thats ok cause I don't need your acceptance to live.  What I am has been here all along just niether one of us new it but we were here before, we're here now and we'll be here later the only diffrence I'm introducing to you is that we're no onger ignorant or scared.  We know now, we know it all, and though I can't speak for the others I for one won't be less than all I am to placate your peace of mind.  So here I am nice to meet you,  My names Mary and Im the water.
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