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Commentary dealing with how males and women may view the aspect of money.
The topic of the commentary is dealing with Cheap Chester. Now I'm sure some of you are asking yourself who or what is a Cheap Chester Jenn? Well let me break it down for you. A Cheap Chester is the name I came up with for men who are extremely tight with the dollars. (exhale) Now believe me I'm well aware that our Woman's Movement may have distorted some of the views as far as equality among the masses. However I didn't know that chivalry was dead as Elvis. Men? Who should pay for dinner on a first date? Who should pay for a dinner between two platonic friends? Okay hold on. I'm getting way ahead of myself here back to the Cheap Chesters for a moment.  I'll give some clues about Chester so you know if you too are dealing with a potential cheapster in the making. There are 3 different types of Cheap Chester. The first type of Cheap Chester is the (CHEAP IN HIS MIND) kind of Chester. Now what this means is a man who isn't even shelling out any money but just the mere thought of money leaving his bank account. Oh, that's enough to have him sweating in his bed like he had a damn nightmare. Check this, I'm talking about you can just mention something and you see the fear in his eyes. For example (mock conversation) *ME* "Hey I would love to go to the Bahamas this summer" *HIM* "Girl, do you know they hike flight price around the summer just to get you to pay more". Get my point. I never asked Chester to take me anywhere. Next type of Cheap Chester is (THE FRAUD) He wants to come off like a balla-shot calla but is really broke as James and Florida Evans. See this  particular cheapster may pull the okey-dokey on you and pay freely without any complaints but oh watch him closely cause the truth will soon be revealed. Believe me just give it a few times hitting some nice spots frequently and slowly watch his generosity will dry up like the Sahara desert.  There will be more blockbuster movie nights in your future than you thought was possible. Now nothings wrong with a blockbuster night every now and then but see he faked the funk in the beginning instead of telling you what the real deal was.  Finally, the last and worst type of Cheap Chester (TOTAL TIGHTWAD) However, the thing about the total tightwad man that you have to respect is his upfront nature.  He doesn’t play any games with your mind. He will let it be known that his money aint Monopoly dollars so don’t think we are spending it like we are residents of Park Place. The tightwad says basically either you accept him and his cheapness or get to stepping. I had a recent experience with this guy who trying to get in like Flynn but had the nerve to trip over paying $11/hr for pool. Let me share my experience with you.

Now I must admit this was totally foreign to me as I had NEVER run into this degree of cheapness. We weren't talking about a spur of the moment weekend trip down to the Cayman Islands. Dude it was 11 bucks, oh and did I mention the fool came back with water from the bar as my drink claiming they didn’t have what I wanted. (exhale) Needless to say I have not nor will not be in contact with Chester. Then I've heard recently from some of my girls about their Cheap Chester stories and I knew right then I had to address this issue.  Show of hands isn't a cheap ass man just a turn off completely?  Before you fellas think this is a male bash, which it is not this is just one woman's point of view. I also think women should pick up the tab sometimes to give the man a break. Nothings wrong with it splitting the bill sometimes so to avoid any tripping when the bill comes perhaps it needs to be discussed beforehand to avoid any embarrassing moments. I still think a real man pays at least for the first. CHEAPNESS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.AGHHHH.So the lesson of the day is beware of the Cheap Chesters..They are migrating the land masked as regular folks (laughs) Be Safe everyone and as always
Live Easy…

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