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by Maddy
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An idea for my major short story in HSC english. Advice or suggestions would be welcome.
For my extension two english major work i have decided to appropriate the famous short story "Bluebeard".
In "Blubeard" a new wife is taken back to her husband's castle - her husband has the blue beard. He has to go away for work and asks her to mind his keys. He tells her she can do whatever she likes, use any of the keys - except one, the smallest key on the ring. This would make anyone instantly curious. She decides she will use the little ket. It unlocks the bloody chamber where he keeps all the bodies of his previous wives. He finds out when he returns because the little key continually drips blood. She escapes when her brothers ride in and rescue her. Bluebeard is killed.
I want to put this story in a modern setting. I've got a few ideas for this modern setting but suggestions would be welcome. One idea is that a couple and their child are holidaying in the country. The short story opens in their car, on the road. There should be some suggestion of the strong family bond between them. (I hope that this will make the decision for the wife harder). They are on the way to the husband's brother's place. The wife and child have not met him before. Perhaps the uncle's house could be blue, or his beard, or something else. Maybe the room in which they sleep. Not sure. It's embarrassing, but this is as far as I have got. Something fishy goes on between the husband and his brother, and the wife is told to ignore it. She gets the opportunity to find the truth in the 'mystery'.
Then, I thought I could split into two different endings, if she takes the opportunity, or if she doesn't, showing the consequences of each. I'm not sure if I will do this though, because then I'd want to present an unbiased view of the wife's choice between ignorance and knowledge. But for as long as I've had this idea I've wanted to show that it is better to choose knowledge, however bad the consequences, than ignorance.
Other ideas are that the husband and wife both work in a big specialist research facility, or that the story is entirely about their relationship - infidelity, or something.
I want to inculde magic realism elements into my story such as the bleeding key, the bluebeard, and other fairytale symbols. Perhaps the couple could live on Pandora Street?
Please let me know what you think of the idea, it would be very helpful!
(I'm sorry, I don't have any goft points yet. I'm new).
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