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by Lost
Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Mystery · #1371948
A young girl finds herself shrouded in mystery after she is involved in an ominous crash.
(We see white flashes of surreal imagery, both of a bright hospital room, and a large cliff looming over a outstretched body of water.)

(The flashes suddenly stop, and the white fades into the image of a girl sitting in the same hospital room from the flashes.)

(The camera pans over her eyes. They are still closed.)

(Suddenly she opens them, but she doesn't move. Her breathing is still. She tries to lift her head, but she does not have enough strength, which is apparent from the stifled groan she releases.)

(The camera pans to the window for a few moments, as he curtains gently swing to reveal a glittering sun, rising in the distance.)

(It pans back to the girl as she musters the strength to pull herself up. She slumps over and begins to look around the room.)

(She spots a calendar on the far wall and squints as she tries to read the dates. What she sees surprises her. Her breaths are spaced from exhaustion.)

CASSIE: What... it says... October? No... that's not... right.

(She looks around the room quickly, straining herself in the process. Her thin, long, straight brown hair whipped around her face as she does.)

(Her gaze turns toward the door as it creeks open slowly. A woman with similar hair appears, only, it is cut to her shoulders.)

KATHERINE: Cassie, lay down and rest! There's no sense in causing yourself to have a heart attack, not after that miraculous recovery.

CASSIE: Then... where's the doctor... Mom? Shouldn't he... know that I'm... awake?

KATHERINE: He's headed here now, don't worry!

CASSIE: I guess that's... good.

KATHERINE: Don't you want to know what happened, sweetheart?

CASSIE: I think... I remember... some of it. There... was a cliff.

KATHERINE: Yes, that's what's so amazing about this all. I would be in tears myself but...

(She is caught off guard by a voice and quickly turns around.)

CONNOR: Yea, Mom, you do seem sort of calm, given the circumstances.

(The boy walks in and positions himself next to his mother.)

KATHERINE: Oh, Connor, I didn't even hear you come in.

(She looks at him but then turns back to Cassie as she speaks.)

CASSIE: Connor...

(A weak smile quickly formed on her face as she layed eyes on her brother.)

CONNOR: Cassie... how are you doing, man?

(He approaches her bedside.)

CASSIE: I'm... fine.

KATHERINE: Connor! Leave her alone! She's been through enough already!

CASSIE: No, mom, it's fine.

CONNOR: We didn't think you were gonna make it, Cassie, maybe you should rest some more.

CASSIE: You didn't think that... I was gonna...

CONNOR: Not after you fell that cliff! I don't know who could have survived that. I definitely would have been...

KATHERINE: Stop it! Let's not talk about death in the hospital.

(She steps between them.)


KATHERINE: It's just... innapropriate.


CASSIE: Nevermind that you guys. Could I... get a drink... or something? I feel like I haven't had anything since...

CONNOR: It's been a month Cassie...

CASSIE: A whole month?

CONNOR: Yeah... the doctor couldn't really...

(We see the doctor rush through the door and immeadiately walk to a desk across from Cassie's bed.)

DOCTOR: The only explanation I can come up with really, is that a miracle has been performed, one way or another. I really can't see any other way something like this could have happened. Of course, saying that would be ludacris. I'm glad to see that you're awake, Cassie.

CASSIE: Wasn't there something else though...

CONNOR: What do you mean?

CASSIE: There's something, I...

KATHERINE: Cassie, please, get some rest, sweety!

CASSIE: Bobby! What happened to... Bobby! Is he alright?

DOCTOR: Cassie, you're exerting a lot of force, please...

CASSIE: Tell me!

(The camera slowly pans over each of the other characters, and for a moment, none of them speak.)

(Cassie begins to tear up.)

CASSIE: Please...

CONNOR: Cassie...

(His voice cracks with sympathy as he speaks.)

CONNOR: He's...


(Her speech is mixed with sobs, and tears stream down her face.)

(We see a cop standing outside the door, he lowers his clipboard and takes his hand off the door. He stops himself from entering for a moment.)

[- That's the first part for now. I'll see the reviews, or whatever, and judge from there. -]
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