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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #1372379
Nadya, a beautiful young gypsy, wakes up one morning and finds herself alone.
As she walked through the empty campsite, Nadya couldnt help but let a tear escape her. Just the night before she had been sitting right over there, in front of a crackling fire, held by the man she loved. At that moment she had felt so safe, so happy, she had thought that night would never end. But here she stood, in the crisp morning after, and the frost that bit at her freezing feet cackled at her misery. She walked over to the black pile of ash that once was a roaring beast....this black pile of death was proof that her fantasy was over.
In the middle of the night she had felt Mort move. It was not like him to wake, he was quite a deep sleeper, but she was too fuzzy from sleep to care so she had just rolled over and let herself be swept away again in her dreams. Because she had already woken once, she only slept lightly. In her dreams the conversations around her crept in...
"Are the horses ready to go?" She heard the voice of one of her friends, Laminy, asking Mort.
"What? Oh, uh, yer..."
"Look, Mort, this is for the best, it has to happen, you know that."
"I know." Her lover muttered. "PLease, just, let me say goodbye.."
"No! She musn't know! Look, come with me......NOW!" After that all she heard was tiny whispers from familiar voices, then eventually, the thunder of galloping horses into the distance.
When she had awoken she had found herself alone in the tent. She didnt hear the usual chaos that breakfast caused between a group of young gypsys, in fact, she couldnt hear anyone else at all. When she exited the two person tent she realised that her dreams were in fact reality. For some reason, her whole group had desserted her and left nothing. No food, no horse, no explanation. And now here she stood, in front of this fallen beast, its majesty just as forgotten as her...


After about an hour of crying and greiving, Nadya decided that it was time to do something. "I can't just sit here" she whispered to herself through hiccups of sadness. She looked up and saw around her the beauty of nature. The morning sun was glistening through the massive tall green trees, and the stream to her left was a beautiful bright blue. The water rippled, rolled, and swayed around the rocks in its way. It seemed to be dancing with itself, nothing else mattered to it. The rocks, banks, fish, and plants didnt matter a thing to the water, it just twisted around them and continued on its way. "Yes..."Nadya softly said to herself, "I shall be water! All of the rest will be sorry they left me! I shall continue on with my own dance!" She was now speaking rather loudly, and not only to herself anymore, but to anyone who would listen. "I dont need them! They will all be sorry! All of them! Every single one of them! Danaina! Nalaxincha! Laminy! Dara! Mort!...Oh...Mort..." She lapsed into another round of tears again. "Oh Mort how could you, you told me you loved me! YOU TOLD ME YOU LOVED ME!" she screamed. She sobbed and sobbed until she heard that river again. "No." she said to herself again..."I will not let this defeat me. I just wont think about him, thats all...I just won't think about him..."
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