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The day before the story began...
The old wizard could see the smoke of the burning fire in the distance. “Damn Gypsy’s” he muttered to himself. He approached them at an alarming pace for a man of 373 years of age. Soon enough he was barging through their games. “Is Nadya here?!” he yelled. “Hey man, who are you?” Danaina replied. She was a brunette girl who looked about 17. There wasn’t much special to her, although she had a wonderful figure.
“Is Nadya here dammit?!” The old wizard cried again.
“No, uh, she went up to the mountains this morning.”
“Well then, you are fortunate. Heed my warning children, or suffer. Nadya is not normal. She has powers which the empire wishes to strip from her. She is a danger to you all. They are searching for her. They know everything.” After a few moments of silence a young man stepped forth from the crowd, he was tall, handsome, and had deep blue eyes that could only be matched by Nadya’s themselves.
“Look old guy, some of us might not want to leave her. So what if we don’t? Watcha gonna do, eh?”
“You will perish slowly, painfully, and mercifully. And it will be done by her. She knows she’s different, and I bet she hasn’t mentioned it to any of you. She doesn’t know what it all is you see…she cant control it. One day it will control her and I don’t think it will take to kindly to you people stealing her attention.” After this, there was a dead silence in the campsite. The wizard knew he had scared them, and with this knowledge he almost let a sigh of relief escape him. He could see the confused looks on the young gypsy’s faces, some were even scared. But the man who had stepped forward to him did not stand down. He stood in absolute silence, mulling over his thoughts. Finally a voice came from the back of the small crowd…
“So what are we supposed to do then?!”
“Why, I thought that answer was quite simple,” He said confidently, “You have to kill her.”
“No!” many of them screamed in unison.
“Fine, don’t. Run like cowards. But she will be angry. One would think, she would have the mind to kill you when she finds you.”
“We are NOT KILLING HER!” Yelled the man again.
“Fine.” Said the old wizard confidently. And with that he opened the door to the astral realm, and he was gone. The door slammed shut behind him, and there was no evidence of him ever actually being there.


Nadya's long blonde hair flicked past her smooth face. She looked over the ledge of the great cliff, and she saw the tiny foothills down below. All of a sudden her head felt light. She moved away from the edge and tried to regain her steadiness, but there was a feeling building up in her stomach. That warm ball of energy felt as if it was moving upwards towards her head. Slowly it crept, and the higher it got the more intense the feeling was! As it reached the base of her neck Nadya almost had to scream, it was too much, how could she hold on?! It moved into her face and then into her eyes. They were no longer her usual bright green, but now glowed an orangy yellow! Nadya could hardly stand this feeling! Her eye sockets were an intense presence in her skull now. Another ball of light formed inside of her, and came up. This one was even more powerful than the first, and Nadya doubled over with this feeling. It wasn’t painful, but it wasn’t pleasure either. It was like a burning inside of her. The second ball stopped at her heart. She didn’t feel a third coming so Nadya stood up. With this new sight and heart, the world looked completely different to her. She could see the tree dryads puzzled looks towards her, she saw the buzzing of the Fay as they zoomed past her. Some stopped for a brief second to look and giggle. Everything looked so brilliant now, Nadya had always respected and loved nature, but now…..The trees were like monstrous beasts! The sky was like an open gate for those who didn’t neglect their wings…The ground beneath her had a vibe of wisdom and age. The air twiled around her. She was simply amazed with this new sight of hers. And the new feelings in her heart, they were incredible! With every new thing she saw, she not only felt her own emotions and thoughts, but theirs to! Everything was so amazing…but then she felt it slipping away…
“No!” She yelled at herself. “I don’t want it to stop!” But all too soon it was over, and she was standing once again at the edge of that cliff. She spun around to where she thought she had been standing.
“But! Wasn’t I? Oh, this is all too confusing!” She looked over to the tree she had seen the spirit of, but it seemed to had vanished now. Nadya new it hadn’t, its just that her powers had once again come and gone as they pleased.
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