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Rated: 13+ · Preface · Death · #1372722
Story about a woman named Aubrey and the evil that lives in a man she thought she knew.
He glared down upon my face with that look in his eyes. The one I've had nightmares about. But now it only makes me laugh. How ironic I have feared death, ran from it at every turn and yet at this moment I gaze upon it and laugh. It's strange; I always thought that before I died I would be thinking about my family and friends I would soon be leaving behind. That old cliche` of having my whole life flash before my eyes in the moment of impending doom. Only now that the moment is here, I'm looking past the barrel of a gun into the eyes of pure evil and all I can think about are my last words and how he'll be the one to hear them.

Then the evil actually speaks, "Good bye my beautiful Aubrey, know that I love you more than anything else on ths earth. I'm sorry but you simply can not be allowed to live without me. I won't let you. Say hello to the Reaper for me."

"Funny," I laugh " I thought that was you"

"Yeah, I like that, The Reaper it has a nice ring to it."

So there it is, the moment of truth. Gazing into the void where his soul should be I laugh..."You may like that name now, but one day this momnet will come back and bite you on the ass. Cuz, the real Reaper is one scary son of a bitch and I promise I'll be there to see it happen." Those are my last words. A ripple of shock courses through those eyes, then it turns into something else. I f I didn't know better I'd say it was regret mixed with just a little bit of fear.

BANG  he puled the trigger.

A pure sharp and piercing pain tears through my chest, I gasp for one last fleeting breath. My line of vision once clear and sharp shrinks to nothing. A vast pool of black crimson engulfs me...How did I ever get here?
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