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by Bryan
Rated: E · Script/Play · Drama · #1373114
We think we should clean ourselves up before we come to Jesus,He'll do that.
Cast:1-Male and 1-female

Length:2-3 minutes

Scripture:1-John-1:7......the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin.

(Phone rings to start scene. Husband answers)
Husband: Hello. (Has puzzled look on his face) Yes, hang on just a minute.

Husband: Hey honey!!! (Yells for his wife to come to the phone) Honey I need you to
come to the phone. (No answer)

Husband: (back to the phone) Ok.. .yes.. .Well that sounds ok with me. Our address?
Well its 1313 Lutz dr. Yes 6:00 sounds fine to me. Goodbye. (Hangs up phone just as
wife enters)

Wife: 6:00 will be just fine for what?
Husband: We just got a great deal.

Wife: What?! (Some what apprehensive) What are you talking about? (Cautiously)
Have you signed us up for something again? (Husband rolls his eyes waiting for her to
finish) You haven't entered another one of those sweepstakes have you?

Husband: How would you like to go on 4-day and 3-night cruise to the Bahamas?

Wife: (Hands on her hips, not impressed) Exactly what do we have to sell or buy to get
this cruise? This had better not be one of your practical jokes. The last time you got us
one of these great deals it cost us $1500 to get out of it. (Carrying on and on smugly
staring of in another direction) Then there was the pyramid scheme... (Husband

Husband: Ok, ok I get the picture. But this time it's a sure thing.
Wife: Well, let's have it.
Husband: A vacuum cleaner salesman called and said if we allow him to demonstrate his
product that will receive a 4-day and 3-night cruise to the Bahamas. No obligation.
(Speaking in an announcers voice, very proud of himself) Food and drinks extra. Tax,
fees and transportation from ports not included. Void where prohib...... (Wife interrupts)

Wife: Wait a minute! When is this demonstration supposed to take place? (In a sarcastic

Husband: Tonight. I tried to tell you earlier.......

Wife: What?! (Interrupting) Are you crazy?! Look at this place! The kids have been
running through, tracking mud everywhere! I can't have anyone come in here and see this
house like this!

Husband: I'm sorry, I......

Wife: (Interrupting) You!! You have to help me clean this place up! It's 4:00 now! We'll never get this place clean in time.

Husband: I thought he would want to come in and clean-up for us. You know to
demonstrate his product. I mean that is his business, cleaning. How else can he do his

Wife: Do you know how embarrassing it would be for someone to see our house like
this? I've got to clean this place up!

Husband: I'm sure he has seen worse.
Wife: I don't care. He has never seen our dirt and I'm going to make sure he never does.

Husband: Well, I'll help but I don't understand. I thought he would want it dirty so he
could clean it himself.

Wife: Will you just clean or I may be going on this vacation by myself.
Husband: Hey, that's not fair.
Wife: Just clean!
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