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Intro to Dialogue - Lesson 1
Good example of dialogue from chaptger 8 of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

The main dialog starts with this line
"It's good daylight. Le's get breakfast. Make up your camp fire good."

I think it's good dialog because you learn something about the two characters, so it's kind of showing vs. telling.

I still find some fault in this segment:
Losing track of who said what. -> 9 segments without saying who's talking (Jim or Huck). That's too many for me.
Large areas of unbroken dialogue. ->14 unbroken dialogue - again too many for me.
Using too much dialect. - except that Twain makes it work.

Poor examples of dialogue
 On the Run - Rev 2.0  (13+)
Scene with a couple on the run
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 Facing Charges Rev 2.0  (13+)
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It's my early attempt at dialog. I know it can use improvement but not sure how to do it. That's why I'm taking this course.

Only fault I can find from the lesson list:
All characters sound alike; remember everyone speaks in different ways.

I think I'm making 50 other errors so when you find those, add it to the list.
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