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My computer and myself... a boring blog!!
It was a very nice morning time... i wanted to book my train ticket!! i went to the white machine that was standing on my desktop. I knew it could do me anything once its switched on and connected to the internet.

I switched it on!! I started with the sound of the Fan. I switched it on and connected my modem to it. It was nice to play!! I dont like races!! i love all kinds of puzzles and play one or the other game whenever i log into it.

I thought myself that i would play after booking my tickets.

I connected to the internet and typed the address!! Poof in the next 5 minutes i had my ticket on the hand!!

I started how life would be without it!! This is like anyone's imagination!!

So, i thought i would dream of the world without computers in a different perspective!!

If computers wherent there we would be happily using ABACUS for calculation and we wouldnt have gone DUMP!! :) :) :)

We would be cooking fresh and tasty foods without this owen which have made our lives LAZY!!

We wouldnt have stress on eyes and brains!! :) :)

I know i talking all this because I have my tickets in hand and i dont need the use of the machine.

Do you thing i will say all these if i need to book other ticket now!! No..................................................................................

So the true fact is that i love my white, smart computer!!

I enjoy spending time with it until i buy a new LAPTOP... :)

Now you guys searching for me for this stupid post!! i can understand and i am stopping...

Catch you in the next post!! thanks for wasting your time on reading this post.

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