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Contest in which the sense of SMELL is to be emphasized. Hard to do.
I am just a boy with imaginations, my mum tells me. She might think me daffy, but I am sure this is not a dream.

I went to sleep with my secret magic box, hid deep beneath my bed. I woke in a strange yet wonderful land, thought only possible to enter through the magic of a boy and his box.

The most amazing flavors surge through the air, A rainbow of tastes has seeped into my mouth. My nose feels as though it is 100 times bigger, so much to breath in, it almost hurts. 

My eyes must be tricking me, for there can't be cherries as big as a boy.  I look up to a tree that must be over 300 ft. high. A beautiful ripe Cherry drips sweet luscious liquid a top my head. I smell the aroma get stronger as it splashes my face; I cup my hands to catch all the sweetness.  What shall I do with this treasure?  I look around and see goblets made of sugar.

My eyes open wider as I imagine what a drink this will be, a cherry concoction within an edible cup. The cheery juice mixes with the sugar creating a wonderful bubbling action. To my amazement instant cherry soda fizzes up tickling my senses.  How did they know cherry soda is my favorite?

I look around searching for the creator of such a spectacular land.  I step slowly down the path sipping from tulips made of watermelon, their sweetness dripping from the brim. I turn the corner and see a wizard standing tall; he holds a basket and a staff as he walks toward me.

Hesitant to move forward my eyebrows raise, I am not too sure of this site. Is this a good wizard or a bad one?  I had always hoped for a good one, but there are bad ones. As he approaches me, I smell him.  He smells like cotton candy.  His beard looks like cotton candy; this must be where the smell is coming from.  I can't help myself as I reach out and take a piece.  He smiles at me.

It is cotton candy! It is soft and irresistible, it is different yet has a familiar smell.  I put a piece in my mouth; it explodes with the fullness that only one can taste on a hot batch of pancakes.  I rub the rest to my nose and drink in the aroma of maple syrup. With confusion I ask, "You make this with maple syrup?"  The wizard laughs back at me, his belly jiggling, "Of course we do, this is the land of Sweets and Plenty. We make all your heart desires here."

I look up to him, finger pointing with a look of endearment, saying "Your good YOU!"  If I did not know better I would think you crept in my kitchen, each morn, to see what my Mum always makes me.  He winks back at me.

He chuckles telling me, "Boy there is no need for sneaking and spying to see what you want around here; you think it and it will appear."

The boy replied, you mean I make the magic? Yes, you make the magic, said the Wizard.  With that done and said the boy skipped off to his next pleasure.

Closing his eyes he mumbles, Candy Canes.  Before he could open his eyes Peppermint filled the room. Another mumbling, Cinnamon sticks. He could feel the heat of an oven door hit him, as the warming smell of cinnamon buns made him drool.  Thinking he could fool the wizard he squints real hard, quickly squeaking out the words, "Sarsaparilla, Vanilla Sundae topped with Chocolate Syrup, Whipped Cream and Walnuts". The power of these words knocks him back, as the Sundae envelopes the room.

He hears the Wizard cough as he opens his eyes to see him pop his head out of the whipped cream, atop the Sundae.  They both laugh as they sit down to eat their fill. Bellies full from all the sweetness, they sink into a carpet of soft marshmallows to rest.

The boy smiles with admiration stating, "The land of Sweets and Plenty, and what plenty you have to give."  He nods as his eyes close, weary from over indulging. The wizard picks him up and carries him off to slumber land.

The boy dreams of sweets and treats that smell so vivid they could only come from a magical land.  He wakes to mum calling him to breakfast.  Wiping the sleeping sand from his eyes, he remembers the magic box. Was it true his box had taken him to such a land?    Shaking his head of the cobwebs, he hears Mum eagerly call out, "Come down boy."  He takes a moment to see his box is still were he left it.

He scans the table for his favorite breakfast, seeming ever so hungry this morning.  Mum queries, Are you awake yet Laddie?  Oh yes I am, his smile replies.  Mum inquisitively asks, "What is this?" His look says he has no idea, as she holds a piece of cotton candy taken from the top of his head.  He chuckles shrugging his shoulders saying, "However did that get there?"
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