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The First Part of my hopefully ongoing series
It was a fairly dark and humid night with at quarter moon in the sky, as I got out of the taxi, a cool breeze blew by as I looked at my new office ‘Must remember and thank barker for setting this up’. I walked up to the front door and picked up the letter that was lying there took the keys out my pocket and headed in.
I threw my bag and the letter in to the corner and had a look around, the place was mostly empty, one chair in the waiting area and a dead plant in the corner next to it, the window of the main office door seemed to be broken if you count not existing as broken at least. All that was left was a hole in the middle of the door now. I approached the room carefully just in case this wasn’t as harmless as it looked push the already ajar door open I peaked it to see a small package lying on the floor, I walked over and picked it up it had my name on it. I open the box to a pleasant surprise, a custom made gun, my custom made gun to be exact, I had to leave it in London when I left the UK barker must have sent it over. I had this made for me almost ten years ago when I first started tracking, she is a real thing of beauty the handle was similar to that of a Winchester M1887 shotgun, but without the arm rest the barrel and noise however were modled after and old fashion .44 Cal Colt Army percussion revolver. ‘O Bettie how I’ve missed you’ ok so I was maybe I little to happy to see the gun but you have to understand I’ve been using her for a very long time she’s the only partner I’ve had that lasted more than a month.
I slipped Bettie into my coat pocket and looked over the room quickly there was an elevator at the back which if I remember rightly lead to a storage area, and a desk with no chair filled the room. I checked the desk drawer and found a set of keys; they had a keychain on them which read ‘FLAT NO. 3’ I guess they were for my new flat barker said he left them here now all I need is the address. The letter of course I headed back out to the waiting area and pick the letter up off of the floor next to my bag and open it, it read:

Chris, hope you like the office best i could do on short notice, keys to your apartment are in the desk the address is in the back of this letter, your money should be transferred to you by weeks end and I left a little something of yours on the desk for you too


P.s. The Covenant doesn’t ever want to hear from you again if you so much as look at plane heading back to Britain there will be consequences.

I knew exactly what consequences meant and they weren’t good, guess that’s what happens when you piss off the ruling body of a supernatural council. I check the address on the back of the letter, folded it and put it in the inside pocket of my coat, grabbed my bag and headed out to find the place.
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