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by W.F.P.
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A few storys about the wild 18 year old Wild Bill. Drinking, Smoking, And More
The Adventures of Wild Bill

Episode 1 Canada Ski Trip

Wild Bill joined some friends on a trip to a ski resort in Canada for a wild weekend. Bill and the guys rode a bus with a group of other kids from their high school.  Bill and his friends made some special brownies before getting to the bus.  They all ate two brownies each shortly after starting the bus ride.  Eventually the bus stopped at a fast food restaurant in the middle of nowhere.  Bill and his friends had rolled some big blunts before the bus ride also and when they got the first stop it was blazing time.  The guys all got in a circle in the parking lot and sparked the blunts and whoever didn't have the blunts would be smoking a cig so it would like they were all busting cigs.  After getting high as shit they got back on the bus and that's when the brownies really kicked in. After a couple more hours Bill and two of the other guys hit another blunt at a gas station the bus stopped at for another break. After hours of uncomfortable sleep on the bus they finally arrived at the resort in Canada.  As soon as the guys got there they went straight to the eatery. Since the drinking age was only 18 and Bill and one of the other guys were 18 everyone was drinking some beers at 10:00 am.  After hanging out at the eatery smoking cigs and drinking beer the guys decided to go to a coffee shop to get some irish coffees.  After a few more hours of drinking it was time for the guys to get there rooms.  Bill and his friends luckily had rooms right next to each other with connecting doors.  As soon as the guys got in the room they sparked up another blunt.  After smoking the blunt for 10 minutes there was a knock on the door.  Bill answered the door and it was some other kids looking for weed because they smelled it in the hall way.  For the next hour this same thing happened over and over again. After smoking two more blunts the guys got tired of being bothered so they left the room headed for the bar.  Arriving at the bar Bill saw that they were carding at the door realizing that only one of his friends was also 18 he knew they would have to scheme to get all of them in.  There was a big line and two guys carding at the door, also they gave coupons for free drinks when you payed the cover charge to enter.  So Bill and his friend that was also 18 went to seperate people that were carding. After, they showed there ID's while waiting the people in front of them to go in they very sneakily put there ID's low behind there backs and the other guys grabbed them switching the carders that Bill had gone to and they were all in.

To be continued.........

(Too tired to continue writing but if anyone really likes this story please leave a message and i will continue it because the story is only half way over.)
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