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The effects of unconfessed sin in our lives
If you've ever had a nail in your tire (as I imagine most of us have) then you know there are only a few possible solutions to the problem.  You can leave the nail in the tire and keep putting more air in, you can fill your tire with "Fix-A-Flat" or some similar type substance, or you can have the tire fixed or replaced.

If you choose to leave the nail in, you will have to carry around an air compressor, essentially life-support for your tire, and use it to refill your tire...in some cases, many times a day.

If you choose to use "Fix-A-Flat" you run the risk of rotting the valve stems in your wheels...there by causing more problems.

If you choose to get it fixed, the nail is gone, your tire will hold air, and you no longer have to worry about it.

Unconfessed sin is like having a nail in your soul.

If you choose to leave your sin unconfessed, it drains you of your hope and joy, and you constantly try to fill your soul.  No matter how much joy and happiness you put into your life, but still feel empty.

If you choose to leave your sin unconfessed and use a "quick fix" such as Bible study or attending church.  It will appear to work, but your soul will begin to rot. Sometimes a quick fix causes more pain, hurt, and frustration than good.

If you choose to confess your sin to God, and maybe even to a trusted friend or counselor, the Lord will restore your heart and bring joy back to your soul!

How will you handle the nail that is in your soul?
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