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I've learned life lessons I need to share with others. No more excuses.
Two things that I have always wanted to do but have never done were to: 1. become a successful at ministering the word of God, 2. being successful at getting my music distributed throughout the world. I have not yet done these things because I was still living in the flesh by my sinful nature and evil desires. I wanted to do these things, but I never took a step towards GOD to let Him manifest His glory in my life. I am now walking towards Jesus, forward instead of backwards towards Satan as I was before.

Two things that I have gotten myself into were: 1. the gang life in the streets of Bakersfield, California, 2. being involved in with the BIG time dope dealers of Evansville, Indiana. I desired to have more drugs and money lead me to do these things, and the outcome was an arrangement of Near Death experiences that I could not fit into all of it into just one of these notebooks if I tried. I have learned many things from these experiences that can help in not only better my life, but also the lives of others by sharing with them.

I acted upon the flesh instead of the spirit and Christ, which led to some life lessons that Jesus taught me. I am striving towards the two things that I was seeking at first, but this time I am walking with Jesus. I know He makes good things happen for those who desire to do His will and put forth effort to make it happen.

Note: Written from a prompt including Romans 7:14-15.
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