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I've been forgiven much and I need to share my testimony.
The meaning of my life is to spread the word of God and my testimony of how Jesus has brought me into his arms after all that I have done. I am a prime example that anyone can be forgiven as long as they repent, and work on not committing the past sin again. It is meaningless to repent and minutes later to go right back and commit the same sins without conscious thought of trying to change.

I have been working more and more at building a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit and praying for more wisdom and knowledge from GOD’s word. I pray for these events from the Bible to be explained in everyday life by the Holy Spirit speaking through me to other people. My life purpose is to bring as many to GOD as possible by Him working through me by my ministry and songs, so that I can meet people in Heaven for the first time, telling me they turned to GOD after hearing my sermons and testimonies. I feel this as being the biggest accomplishment to ever exist, besides making it to Heaven and asking Jesus all of the questions I have for Him. I am never going to be complete in working towards this goal, but each day I can become closer and closer to achieving it. (Writer makes note of Philippians 3:12-14) I am driven by the Holy Spirit and will succeed in all that I am striving towards eventually.

Note: Written from a prompt using Ecclesiastes 2.
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