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this is something I wrote after a young friend died in a car accident.
         We miss you so much! Why didn't you wear your seat belt? Why Luke? Why? Did you want to throw your life away? Did you want to watch us cry that day? Because, you did it. You succeeded. I know it's not nice to say bad things about those who are dead, but, I just can't get past the fact that you were so STUPID! Another friend told me the last thing you said to her, it didn't sound like you wanted to die, yet, you died. Did you see your father at your wake? He was so...what's the word?...guilty feeling, that he was like a stone statue. Because, you see he feels it's his fault. but we all know it was your fault for not wearing your seat belt. You know, if you had done just that one thing differently, you would have lived, you would have lived to become a soccer great, like David Beckham. But you didn't do that one thing differently, you chose to take a risk, that led to death. Now we will never know what you could have been.

yours truly,

your 3rd hour class
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