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The voices in the wind call me out from the hell I call a home.
The voices are calling for me
I can hear them as they blow through my hair
I stand ontop of the building letting the memorys of pain flod into my system
I am walking down the hall the laughter the jokes
My tears fall faster hitting the ground below
my white nightgown blowing fiercly at my side.
I can her the voices best up here

Down below in my home they call to me
they tell me things
tell me its better where they are
to come to where they are
escape all the yelling, all the shouts
the hits from home

The voices in the wind call me out from the hell I call a home
and I gladly follow
until they stop
and I am forced to return once again
but this time as I waited for them
they did not come I waited days and weeks but I still heard nothing,
so I pulled out my blade
as a gasp escaped my throat
they where back
'yes, we will only come when you become this'
we'd be together forever they said I was free with them,

I smiled
as I made my way to the top of the building
watching the cars below I'd tell myself I'd jump
but something always interferred.
My fears would stop me in my tracks
but not today,
today was the day I would finally be free
I heard screams from below as my toes tickled the ledge
the voices where ramming through my head as the wind picked up
it was pushing me forward
I smiled free at last
I leaned completly over as I felt wind in my face
the screams where getting closer now
the voices whistleing sweet songs of freedom into my ears.
A strong pain then darkness

This was how it ended
This was how I fell
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