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A child and mother trust but are abused by a cruel man.
I cower, cover tender ears,
thunderbolts follow down halls,
Ma shelters me, trembles in fear.
Lightening strikes flesh, bones, walls.

Bravely we ride the storm,
in our vessel with holes.
Ma whispers,"we're alive and warm."
Small victory for frightened souls.

Angels should teach voice lessons.
Words hurt more than a fist.
Ma says God tells us to obey,
I think love should be first on His list.

I am a good girl, do what I'm told.
Why hurt me? I hold back tears.
He says, "Sorry, I love you".
Won't set bones, make bruises disappear.

The day will come, I will flee.
I tell Ma, but frightened feet root deep,
Inside Mother Earth, an ancient tree.
Hard to run if you're already beat.

One day, Ma's brain might fade away.
She's been broken for so long,
A holy whisper, "Time to act, can't stay.
Keep your mind sharp, faith strong."

Next time voices vow to sting,
like Mercury, with magic wings.
I will not hide. I can flee.
No monster dare destroy the real me.

I've learned hard lessons.
Mean only climbs so high.
I leave violent storms behind,
a rainbow of promises paint my sky.

By Kathie Stehr
edited 2020
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