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The energy crisis
The Protoplasmic Venture

          Politics is no longer the art of consensous.
          It is the process of inevitable authoritarianism.

          The energy crisis, runaway inflation, ecololigical genocide
          all reflect the failure of political crisis management.
          These accelerating out of control global ecomomic movements
          have gone on with no concern for their legacy.

          A Citadel of Light was conviened in a mountain temple.
          It was designed by the Celestial Order of Transcendental Technology.

          "How To Make The World Work." was asked by the Supreme
          Translucent Jelly Fish. Coyote stepped forward, "Make it a

          "The Earth Gia is plagued by failed economic ventures."
          spoke the Seraphim; "Let loose the dogs of War."

          "Freedom demands no interference." Cried out the Whirlwind
            of Vertago; "A closed mind will never change."

          "How can we transcend the synoptic approach?" asked the Supreme
          Translucent Jelly Fish. Coyote shook his head, "There has to be a

          "It is an egocentric predicament." hooted the Snow Owl;
          "Natural selection demands competition."

          "Put them to sleep and let them follow you."
          whispered the Moon through the temple windows:
            (1)A sonic chant will be broadcast on telivision and radio
            through every city. Microwave pulses reflected by satellites
            will bring peaceful brainwaves to those not near technology.

            (2)Population control will be enforced by mass apathy.

            (3)Vegitation and animal encroachment will eleminate urban
                density. A peaceful sleep will fall upon civilization.

            Coyote jumped side to side, "Ha! We will trick them."

            "The greatest virtue is not to be free, but to be in harmony"
            spoke the Supreme Translucent Jelly Fish.

            "Death is only the begining to immortality." answered the Seraphim.

            "How much of me is me?" thundered Vertago.



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