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This is a rather brief , yet informative article on the origins of the zombie.
          My fascination with the undead of late has led me to pursue an active study of zombification. What is a zombie? Where does this myth of zombification originate? All of these questions and perhaps more will be answered, and interpreted here in. We shall begin of course with the question of the gravest importance. What is a zombie?
        A zombie according to the widely accepted voodoo myth is a slave unearthed from the dead to serve a voodoo priest. In accordance with the myth described, a zombie is produced by a cocktail of volatile substances. Along most naturally with an ancient voodoo ceremony (Or rite.).
      The first stage of the said process is the administration of a potion known as the Coup Padre. The ingredients of this tonic are all but unknown to science. The estimations of what it may contain are based purely on speculation. It is thought to contain the parts of many poisonous animals.
      Although when tested this powder like substance has been found on several occasions to contain little or perhaps none of these ingredients stated to begin with. The process begins when the victim is injected with, or perhaps is forced to inject this substance. Which gives the complete appearance of death, soon after the victim’s burial, an ancient voodoo rite is performed. The soul of the victim is supposedly captured in a clay jar of some sorts. Then in turn is replaced by a lao that is controlled by the administrator of the ritual.
    Two days prior to this, the corpse is unearthed. It is administered a hallucinogenic substance, which returns life to the victim. They will have no concept of anything they will have no memory of their life or prior events. The victim seems to lack in everything remotely human, accept animation of body.
      This makes the undead fiend a perfectly obedient slave to its masters will. Much of this can be explained upon the explanation of this practices origins. Thus we come to another one of our questions to be answered. What are the origins of the zombie? The country of origin to this diabolical myth of undead slavery is Haiti.
      It is a small island nation in which the origins of voodoo are also said to have begun. As the reader I’m sure has noticed by now, zombification is a myth of voodoo. I’m sure the perpetual reasoning for this myths arrival has much to do with the country of origin. In Haiti, there was a need of slaves; which in my opinion is where the idea and creation of this process and myth originated. Scientifically most logical minded people would find this idea preposterous, although perhaps not entirely.
    Through research there could be a scientific aspect to this ritual, which of course is that the ritual has nothing to do with the real process. It is thought that it is simply the substances used for this ghastly ritual, that cause the state of zombification mentioned. Though scientists are still left baffled as to whether there is any medicinal or scientific truth in any of this. Of course, who is to say that the undead will never one day walk the earth
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