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A letter to my fellow WDC members.
Dear WDC members,

How do I begin to express my gratitude? In a year many of you have taught me so much, not just as a reader, but as a person. So many of you have reached out and enriched my life in numerous ways. Some of you bring a smile with an unexpected e-mail, some have taught me to exert extreme measures of patience and self-control, others the merits of reviewing. I’ve read your work and learned how to expand myself as a writer in the process. I’ve laughed, cried, lived, died, and loved through your stories. What a precious gift!

Some of you have read my work. In one short month, the prologue for “Sins Of the Father” has received seventy reviews! Despite some vicious hate ratings, it’s somehow managed to maintain a 4.5 average. Its counterparts are close behind in numbers and receive just as much praise. How can I repay that? I send thank yous and try to return the favor of a review as much as humanly possible, but it doesn’t feel like enough. It’s never enough.

How do you thank someone for the insight and wisdom you’ve gained through their words? No price befits a smile or a small, momentary swell of pride. Nothing equates to a heart-felt tear shed when someone reaches out to you with a story of their own or encouragement to help you through those bleak hours. I want to give until it hurts. Sometimes, I do; but even then, I fear it’s just not adequate.

So, to those of you who have touched my life in one way or another, I offer this letter and my most sincere thanks. Thank you for the opportunity to grow and to read your many treasures. Thank you for the laughter, the tears, the patience, the reviews, and for a wonderful community. I am proud to call this place home and you family. You are all angels in your own right.

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