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My first writing assignment to be graded (no contractions). EN101 at 52 years old.
                        Giving and Receiving: Transfer of Energy
Giving and receiving is a two way street. We can only give to those who are willing to receive. . Most situations are clear in distinguishing who the giver and receiver are. Birthdays and Christmas make it very clear. Random acts of kindness: such as opening a door for someone, separates the two. Replies like thank you, and your welcome are repeated by us every day without giving second thought. We do things for others out of habit or politeness, never realizing that we are actually giving of our energy, our life and that a simple acknowledgement is a return on that energy.
    I made my way around the building, to the back where the smokers were. I needed a break from the work days’ normal, “get everything done yesterday” attitude. It was late afternoon and I was ready to go home. I worked at a large corporate building, as an IT Specialist in Houston, Texas and I was expected to perform miracles on a daily basis. After four years, all I could think about was moving elsewhere, changing careers, and finding something less stressful.
    I gathered my thoughts and some fresh air for a few moments, then headed back to work. I had walked only a few feet, when I noticed a very small green object on the walkway. On closer inspection,  I realized it was a humming bird and presumed it to be dead, as it was lying on its side. I knew they were migrating north from Mexico at this time of year and had looked forward to seeing them around the feeder at home. I stood there for a few seconds feeling sorry for it: so when it blinked its eye, it really surprised me. It was alive, but I knew it would not last long on the ground. I picked it up and placed it in one of the planters that lined the walk. At least it would not get stepped on.  I figured there was nothing else I could do, so I went back up to my cubicle.
    I have always had a soft spot for animals and over the years have rescued many stray dogs and cats.  So, when I tried to get back to work, I found myself unable to concentrate on anything but that hummingbird. I had to do something, but what? I had recently read that humming birds have a very high metabolism and during migration, have to stop frequently to eat. I thought about it for a few moments and decided I could get a coffee stir, melt some sugar in warm water and just maybe I could bring it back to health.
    I picked it up the tiny body from the planter, where I had left it and was happy to see it was still alive.  I placed it in a small box I had found up on the way down. Time was of the essence now and my mission was to get it back on its journey.  I figured it had just run out of energy, too tired to look for food.
    Under the fluorescent lights at my desk, its colors became so vivid: its body was a shimmering emerald green and its head was a dark purple.  It was still in the box, lying on its side and I was worried it might die if I did not do something soon. By this time the sugar water had cooled down to room temperature. I cradled it's body in my hand and moved the coffee stir (filled with sugar water) close to its beak. To my surprise, its tiny slender tongue reached out, into the straw, drawing out the life saving fluid. I repeated this procedure a minute at a time, many times, over the next hour and a half.  Needless to say, I did not get any work done that afternoon.
    By the last feeding, just before going home, it was able to perch itself on my index finger and showed no signs of fear or distress, while it drank from the stir. It was at this moment in time that we connected. I could see his little eyes looking at me with complete trust, anticipating the movement of the stir each time I moved it closer to him. I have never been so humbled in all my life and felt so privileged, as he sat their, unafraid, graciously accepting my care.  It was a gift from him, a gift of trust.  It was a transfer of energy and the giver became the receiver, the receiver became the giver.  It was a life changing moment that will follow me forever.
    Later, when I got home, I showed him to my wife and children, but by now his strength had returned and he was ready to continue on his journey. I could hear him fluttering his wings in the box. Everyone got a quick look, before walking outside.    I pulled the lid from the box and in an instant he flew to the top of a tree that was standing in front of our home. We stood there watching, waiting to see what would happen next. It was not long before he flew off again and out of site.
    Giving of ourselves to family, friends, or even strangers, is more than just a physical act or a kind word. It is a transfer of energy, whatever we do, big or small, takes energy on our part to make it happen. When that energy is received, and gratitude is given in return, the energy is reciprocated. The transfer of energy is completed and the giver becomes the receiver, the receiver becomes the giver. Every once in a while this transfer energy can bring back more than we ever expected.
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