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Rated: 13+ · Non-fiction · Supernatural · #1376529
They tried again but he had a Friend whose power made thiers infinitely microscopic.
The Last Time

It was just a few nights ago and my wfe and I had fallen asleep together out in our living room on our sofa bed. Mostly we sleep in our room but the kids had fallen asleep there and we did not want to wake them. Besdes, we had fallen asleep while watching a movie and wakng up my wife is more dangerous than shooting a sleepng Grizzly Bear mother in the ass with a tazer while holding one of her cubs under one arm and standing on the other. Get my point?

Anyway, I woke up to a strange sound a few hours after we'd fallen asleep. Opening my eyes to the darkened living room I noticed a strange glowing pattern on the cieling that reminded me of headlights coming through blinds- except for the fact that the light was blue and seemed to be originating in the backyard where there was no street or cars! I began to feel a rising tide of unease that was increased when I became aware of a strange high pitched buzz that seemed to fill the room.

I thought to wake my wife but just as I was about to act on that impulse I heard a sudden commotion above my head, behind the couch coming from the dining area. My blood literally went cold with almost irrational fear and I instinctively froze in fright. Less than a second passed before I regained my courage and, knowing that Ihad to defend my family, I tried to get up; I could not move my body. I tried to scream a warnng to my wife; nothing emerged from my mouth but a hoars gasp.

The next instant was super-sureal feeling, as the people in the second plane over New York must have felt on 9-11 as they watched the smoldering Twin Towers draw near and realized their fate. My eyes glimsed the things of nightmares but I was not dreaming as three diminutive creatures surrounded the pull-out mattress where we lay. As one moved to stand by our feet and the other two stood over us on my side I instantly realized that they were not human.

Though it was dark there was plenty of light streaming in from both the streetlights out front and the strange glow out back to make them out clearly and I could still slightly shift my gaze to look at them in abstract horror. They were about four feet tall with long arms and huge oval heads, covered head to thigh ( I never saw their feet) in tight black fabric with eye slits in their masks revealing oversized pairs of reflective balck eyes surrounded by irridecently pale skin. I was horrified.

Accompanying them was a strang clacking noise along wth the sound of some sort of resperated breathing as if they were wearing some sort of ventilators under thier black masks. Despite the noise and commotion my wfe later claimed that she was not awake at that point. Unfortunately I was.

Helpless and overcome with utter panic, the next thing I knew my wife and I were lifted by some unknown force about a foot above the bed. I could still feel the skin of her bare shouler under my hand as well as the blanket on top and colol air below us.

At first I was more afraid than ever as I levitated there surrounded by these strange entities, but then my fear turned to rage. I was mad; who did these alien bastards think they were coming into my home and fucking with me and my family like this? With all my might I leaned from side to side and tried to break out of the frozen state I was in. If only I could kick one of them, I thought, then get to the kitchen and grab a knife- or better yet, get to my katana sword on the mantle and slice these things into filet minion al la alien tar tar. I wanted to kill them and sell their corpses to the Smithsonian! Alas, to was not to be and I was unable to break free. I gave up, resigned to my fate.

Suddenly they did something because I felt the room begin to spin then everything seemed to grow larger as if we were being shrunk. The living room felt like a vast cavern and the walls seemed to wobble and spatially distort. Again I was gripped by fear. I was sure we were being abducted and would never see our kids again. The blue light from out back began to fill the room.

That was when I remembered a conversation that I'd had with my wife months before. We were talkng about past experiences with demons and supernatural forces, and yes, even aliens just like this (this was not the first time I'd encountered these beings). She claimed to know that there was no such thing as aliens and that
the beings who claimed to be aliens were simply demons trying to trick humanity amnd lead us away from God. It did make sense in a way- If demons could show that aliens were real it could shake the belief of many in God and his word. They could offer mankind technology (for surely even fallen angels knowmore of the universe than we do) in an attempt to lead us astray.

Though I was a strong Christian and nothing could ever sway my faith I did not buy her argument. I saw her point but in my mind aliens were just that, aliens. I figured that God simply made another species of people long ago on a far away planet (or possibly another dimension) andd that they'd used their free will to travel to Earth. Who knew, maybe some of them even believed in God too.

I felt the trio of beings aroundus moving around and clicking some sort of machine. this was it, I thought, they are going to take us! There was nothing I could do.

In desperation I bean to pray, calling out mentally to the Lord, "Jesus Christ, Lord God in Heaven, please help!" a tear ran down my cheek, " Save us, Lord, please, I beg You!"

The very next instant, wthout delay, God answered my prayer. I was back on the bed bext to my wife, wide awake, and the aliens, light and strange noises were gone. I could move again as well. It was not as if those things left and I was set back down- it was as if one moment they were there doing whatever evil things they do with my wife and I helplessly suspended in the air and the next moment everything was back to normal. I didn't even blink. The fear was gone as well and I felt the Presence of the Lord Jesus all throughout my entire soul. He saved us and I knew they would not return and could not come back even if they wanted to. God was wth us andwe were safe.

I began to shake my wife so I could wake her and tell her what happened. i thought twice however, remembering how she hates to be woke up. Besides I didn't want to scareher soI layed back down on the bed. Comforted be the Presence of God I managed to fall back asleep an hour or so later. It's been over a week and they have not come back. Ifthey do I won't be afraid nowthat I know what they are.

If you ever encounter then do not fear. They are only fallen angels and deserve our pity. Call upon God, Jesus, Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah or whatever name you call Him by and he will save you too. This is a true story.

                                                THE END

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