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Sometimes, it takes more than just saying I'm sorry.
Today, I did a terrible mistake.
I sinned against God, I sinned against you.
I almost caused our friendship to break.
And this confession was really hard to do.

I thought of how to tell you.
I thought of how you would react.
I didn’t know exactly what to do.
I didn’t know what I’d get back.

So, I just came right out and confessed.
I prayed and hoped you would understand.
I confessed and ask for forgiveness.
I thanked God our friendship didn’t end.

I was grateful that you were passionate to forgive me.
I was thankful that you understood me easily.
You’re a great friend, I can tell.
You were there for me when I fell.

I can’t believe friends can be this merciful,
Even though this mistake I did was really hurtful.
I can’t express how forbearing they could be,
because they really are more than what you see.

I know I’ve already apologized.
But to me, it takes more than saying I’m sorry.
I know my mistake and I’ve realized,
You’re a true friend who’s there for me.

I thanked God for all the blessings He gave.
You are one of the gifts He granted.
I thanked Him because I was brave,
to confess one thing I’ve regretted.

I can’t believe I met a friend as kind as you.
You’re everything a friend could ever ask for.
God loves you and I do too,
coz you’re one great person to adore.

I guess I’ve said all the words I have to say.
I hope God will provide us an extraordinary day,
to bless each and everyone in each and every way,
for such mighty power God reigns.
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