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by animal
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the peaceful life of one who doesnt know if shes satisfyed. idk just read it
A Simply Life She Lived

A simple life she lived, alone in a house all her own, an animal in every room. Two birds sang in the sunlight coming threw the large windows of the yellow and white kitchen, as five mice scampered in their cage in the maroon bedroom with golden decore. The mice added slight smell to the room, but since their master had grown use to such a welcome and no guest had ever come to visit, the scent went unnoticed. Blue beta fish were separated in a single bowl on the counter for the blue and tan bathroom, and a small ball python for the wood office. A lazy, loving, grey cat curled in any warm spot as a small dog followed his master’s every footstep.
She awoke at 5:30 and by 6:00 was walking outside for a morning run with her black and white Australian Shepard. By 6:30 she had three easy miles behind her, and at 7:00 she was out of the shower and dressed for midmorning. 7:00 to 7:30 was reserved to the care of her animals. Feeding, watering, cleaning cages, and cage temperatures were all set before 7:30 wherein she accepted her own cup of hot chocolate on the screened porch in her back yard.
The dog curled by her feet as the cat slept in a ball on her lap. The wild birds sang to her as she read her fictional romance novels in the morning breeze. By 8:00 she had finished her breakfast and before 8:30 she was dressed for work with her hair tied back and glasses placed upon her face. The dog door was unlocked as every other door was shut for the protection of her smaller creatures.
It took her thirty minutes to get to work while fifteen of those were merely to reach the end of her property. She worked 9:00 to 5:00 healing sick, injured animals, and dealing with their ungrateful, complaining owners. 5:30 she reentered her cozy wooden living room. 6:00 to 6:30 was set aside for the cleaning of a different room each day.
By 7:00 her animals had had their second meal and by 7:30 so had she. Candles were light around her bathtub, as she soaked in hot water and read more of her beloved fiction for one entire hour. 8:30 started the beginning of her getting ready for bed and 9:00 ended the task. She rested her head, not setting an alarm and awaited morning once more.
Saturdays were assigned to major house repair days or play days for her animals. Sundays after church were reserved for her and her dog for their long walks throughout her property or horseback riding on a nearby ranch she owned and hired men took care of. Her schedule never disrupted, she lived like this from day to day. In peaceful solitude she spent her life and never could figure out if she enjoyed it that way.
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