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by Lilje
Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Fanfiction · #1377342
Set in the late 1800s, what happens when....

Part One

Anyone looking in from the outside would think that fraternal twin sisters, Desiree and Isabella had a perfect life. Born into near aristocracy, they had anything they could ever want or need. But why wasn't that enough for Isabella?

She and Desiree had no real issues between them, and it wasn't that they were really deprived of anything. The real reason was Isabella's thought process.

For some strange reason, Isabella felt the need to compare herself to everyone. She wanted to be 100 percent perfect at everything. Since there were few she could realistically compare herself to, she often proved her "perfection" to herself by competing with her sister.

Almost everything Desiree could do Isabella could do better. Be it etiquette, general lessons, or just about anything else befitting a "proper young lady", Isabella seemed to do well. Despite all this, there was one thing that Isabella could not surpass...

Desiree's voice

Desiree had the voice of an angle, and when singing in a certain way, she could move whatever audience there was to tears. The more Desiree sang, the more Isabella sulked. It wasn't long before she became....


How she wished that the beautiful voice belonged to her. She tried very hard to get her voice to the quality that would make Desiree's voice sound like the hoof beats on the cobble stone streets outside. Of course, that never happened because Isabella was so consumed with being better than her sister, that she wasn't being very passionate about any of her songs (and she just wasn't that good of a singer).

Now it soon became too much for Isabella to handle. Her thoughts were that if she couldn't be better than the competition, she would just eliminate it.

That night she made up her mind, she knew exactly how she would eliminate her competition. She silently snuck into her sister's room after she had fallen asleep. Being wary of every shadow and noise, Isabella slowly approached Desiree, asleep, and unaware of what was going on.

In one swift motion, she took the sash holding her robe shut and slid it under Desiree's neck. Then taking the ends in both hands, she switched them and prepared to make sure that the beautiful voice would never be heard from her sister's throat ever again.

Just as she was about to tighten the sash around her sleeping sisters neck, Desiree's eyes shot open. Her gray eyes, which always seemed like two full moons on a clear night, were now filled with surprise and fear.

"What are you doing?!" Desiree said frantically in a half whisper

Before she could figure out what was going on, Isabella forcibly pulled the sash, tightly constricting Desiree's neck.

As she pulled tighter and tighter, Desiree's breaths turned into coughs, and blood started trickling down from her lips.

By the time that Isabella knew what she had done, the damage already was. She quickly let go of the sash letting it drop to the floor and stepped back to the middle of the room

There Desiree was, sitting up in bed, coughing up enough blood to run down her hand and onto the white sheets. The sick contrast of it all, her blood that looked black because of the weak moonlight shining through the window, dripping down her pale white face, and getting into her hair, that also looked black because of the lack of light. And around her neck, was an uneven gray and black ring.

After the coughing had stopped, she looked up at Isabella as if to say ' what was that for? '. The pain in Desiree's eyes plus the guilt she was starting to feel became overwhelming to her. Without a word, she ran out of her sister's room, and down the hall.

Part Two

A year has passed since the incident, and surprisingly, Isabella's attempt to destroy Desiree's vocal cords was unsuccessful. She still has the voice of an angel, and even more surprisingly, she hasn't shown any signs of being anger towards her sister. Though Desiree has the uneven ring of a scar around her neck, she has been able to hide it with a necklace.

The fateful day has come where Desiree has made up her mind to stop wearing her choker, and finally make Isabella feel the guilt she deserves.

While walking up the stairs, her grandmother Maudline calls to her from the bottom. Desiree turns to her grand mother and she sees her grandmother shocked at the sight of her scar.

"Desiree! How? When did this happen?"
"It was Isabella, she tried to choke me"
"You can't be serious."
“I am"
"Well for the time being, I demand that you hide that scar once more! What will every one else say?"
“I can't, I need to have Isabella feel the guilt she deserves"

“I know there are, but I know when Isabella sees the scar left over from when she tried to choke me, the guilt she feels...

will make her throat tighten, just as unpleasantly...."

© Copyright 2008 Lilje (pisces at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1377342