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by Gav
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part 3 as requested
The two fat boys stared greedily at the food that lay before them. There was a great assortment of pizza, ice cream, doughnuts, and all sorts of other things, but they weren't limited to junk food and sweets. Devon and Gavin each took a slice of pizza. They each took a bite and swallowed slowly. Grins appeared on their faces, and they devoured their pieces quickly.

One became two, two became three, three became four, five, and so on, until they had each eaten an entire box of pizza. Devon stood up, took off his shirt, and took a deep breath.

"What are you doing?" Gavin asked, grabbing a tub of ice cream.

"Belly exercises," Devon explained. He breathed in and out and his belly bounced as air was pushed into and breathed out of it. "You, know like those pro eaters on TV."

"Right," Gavin chuckled. "What good will that do?"

"Stretches out your tummy muscles," Devon exhaled. "Shirts are too restraining too. A growing belly needs room."

"I guess your right," Gavin said, removing his shirt.

He started doing the belly exercises too. After a while, both boys felt a warmth in their belly and felt more room. Their new their bellies had stretched and were ready for more food.

"Now for the ice cream!" Devon said, flipping the lid off of a tub and grabbing a spoon.

"Lucky!" Gavin said. "Mine's melted."

"Your the lucky one," Devon said, eating his first scoop. "Now you can just drink the stuff!"

"Hey, you're right!"

And so, the boys gulped down the ice cream. Soon, Gavin got brain freeze from chugging down the cold liquid.

"Augh!" he groaned, rubbing his temples. "This won't work! Why don't we switch?"

"No!" Devon spat with his mouth full. "Just go slower! You just want my ice cream because you like it frozen."

"Yeah, yeah," Gavin said. "I'll go slower."

Devon was still near the top of his tub by the time Gavin was past the middle. Eating obviously took a lot more effort than drinking.

Gavin groaned as Devon continued to dig through his ice cream. He continued his belly exercises, but got only minimum relief. The slushing of the frothy cream hitting against the pizza in his tummy was clearly audible as he paced the floor.

When Devon finished his tub past half-way, the two boys layed on the floor and rubbed their tummies. Gavin suggested he pull Devon's arm's back as to stretch his belly more, only it was discovered that this caused even more uncomfort.

"This is just pathetic, Dev," Gavin said. "We're already full, and we barely started!"

A long, loud, hugely gaseous belch drowned out any words Devon could force out of his mouth. The fat boy's chubbing cheeks went from ear to ear as he smiled and let out a huge sigh of relief.

"Okay, I'm ready for some doughnuts," he said happily, and grabbed the nearest dozen box. Gavin laughed and started belching as well. Soon, his belly too was relieved, and he to began on a box of doughnuts.

The boys expected to be full after the doughnuts, but strangely, they found themselves capable of eating quite a bit more. They then turned their attention to two boxes of cereal. They both started eating one box each.

"We must be getting good at this," Devon grinned. I'm not full at all!"

What Devon said soon became untrue. When the boys had finished off the boxes of cereal, two bags of schips, and two cans of soda, they each felt full to bursting. Belly massaging and belching helped, but the fullness stayed to some extent. Gavin smiled at stood up despite his fullness and stared at Devon, who was still on the floor.

"Tummy ache, Dev?" Gavin smiled.

"No," Devon lied.

"I know just what to do!" Gavin said. He walked out of the room. Devon was suspicious, but laid still.

"A toilet paper holder?" Devon said as Gavin reentered. Gavin kneeled down and stuck it right in Devon's belly button. "Yeah, it fits. Your belly button stretches with your belly, Gavin. But--Ah!"

"Feelin' a little queasy, huh?" Gavin laughed. He was shoving the steel cylinder in Devon's belly button repeatedly until his whole body was bobbing up and down and the contents of his stuffed tummy shook.

"Stop, you stupid jerk!" Devon shouted, and he punched Gavin squarely in his tummy.

"Ah!" he screamed. "No! I'm gonna throw up! I'm gonna throw up!"

"I hope you do!" Devon said. "Why'd you do that anyway."

"It was a way of testing belly strength," Gavin explained. "You see, I was having this idea. You know being real fat can make you really unhealthy, right?"

"Right," Devon said slowly. Oh, no! Could Gavin be backing out of their plan?

"Well, so we don't become useless, unfit slobs, I decided we should take up a sport!"

"Sport?" Devon said. "What sport?"

"Well, what's THE sport for fat people?"

"Sumo wrestling!" they both said excitedly.

"Just think about it! We could challenge other fat kids! We could make bets and win money!"

"And Amanda would be watching," Devon smiled, closing his eyes and fantasizing

"She sure would," Gavin said, fantasizing as well. "We can do it after school tomorrow! We should practice right now!"

Both boys had since popped their pants, so removing their jeans was very relieving. They both tucked their undies into their butt cracks. They then bowed to each otherm stood at opposite sides of the room, charged, and wrestled each other to the ground.

They bumped each other with their huge bellies and tackled each other onto the floor and into the walls. The wrestling continued for quite some time. They even stopped to eat the rest of the food for more energy.

It had become very late. The boys' bellies were now red from so much bumping and they were noth coated in sweat. They both collapsed and fell asleep.


Devon felt a pain in his left butt cheek. He looked up to find Gavin kicking it.

"What?" he groaned, turning to his side.

"Breakfast!" Gavin said. "I talked to my mom, and she's supportive of my weight gain to! Isn't this great!"

Devon didn't say anything. He quickly got dressed in his tight-fitting clothes and hurried to the kitchen with Gavin where towers of waffles and pancakes awaited. After they had finished every bight of their breakfasts, the two boys went to Devon's room, did a few belly stretches, and weighed themselves.

"195 for both of us!" Devon gasped. "Yes SO close to 200! We can't stop now! We're so close!"

"Well I guess it's time for school," Gavin said. "And sumo wrestling after!"

"Yeah, and then Amanda won't be able to resist me!" Devon said happily.

"Yeah," Gavin frowned, Or ME! he thought.

And with that, the two fat boys headed off for school, prepared for what everyone's (especially Amanda's) reaction to their new, fatter bodies.

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