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Rated: E · Sample · Fantasy · #1377763
Cal receives an odd message in the mail.
Alright, it took me a reaaally long time, but i finally wrote chapter two. Again, any critique is greatly appreciated.

Chapter 2:

      A huge mysterious weight collapsed on Cal, waking him up from his sleep and taking away his breath.

      Cal opened his eyes and his view was veiled by Kyra's obsidian black hair.

        They both laughed as she pulled away from his face.

      “We have here, another letter, from your Order.” Kyra said in an as-matter-of-fact tone. “Open it!”

    “Dear,” Cal started, pushing his wife off of him onto the bed. “This stuff is supposed to be priv-”

    “And a wife is not supposed to know where her husband whereabouts are, what things he are meddling in now? Or do I have to become like you and--”

    “Alright, alright, I get it. I guess I ask the same from you...” He replied. Kyra smiled back teasingly. He took that as a cue and removed the seal of the Guardians and opened the envelop.

    Cal simply stared at the letter—if it could be called one—for a minute. There was so  much gibberish one would probably give up reading it half way through. Although, cal knew better from his branch. There was really only one thing that actually meant something in it:

    Please meet me at the chamber doors, privately, at sundown tonight.

    Cal really wanted to roll his eyes, but he didn't want to give Kyra weird thoughts. Great, even more ambiguous than the last message sent out. I don't even know who I am meeting?

    Kyra snatched the letter out of Cal's hand.

    “Hmm, do your leaders always talk like this? How on earth do you get anything done?” she said, sarcastically. “I assume it's something secret you can't let anyone know about? Not even me?”

    “I don't know,” He said pondering. “Even I I'm not sure what this is about. I did have some small talk with him the day before.”

    Kyra sighed, putting her hand through her hair.

    “I have a feeling...” She started.

    “I'm sure it's nothing much really, it's probably going to be about those rumors floating around.” He tried to console.

    “Oh, you mean about some imminent threat that is going to destroy our country?” She said, a little accusingly. “Cal, everyone already knows the news about this...”enigmatic enemy” as my friends put it.”

    Cal mirrored her sigh.
    “Well, we have a couple more hours to ourselves before you have to go.” She said, holding his hands, as if this conversation never happened.

      Cal smiled back and they both walked out the door.

                                              *                        *                      *

      It was starting to sprinkle when Cal and Kyra came back to their house after aimlessly touring the city markets and getting tired of hearing the subject about some “rumored” invasion.

      “Maybe you should get going right now.” Kyra suggested as she stared out the window at the gray clouds forming.

      “Go meet whoever wanted to meet me?” Cal replied. Although, he had a hunch who it was. “yeah...”

      “Get dressed, I'll get your favorite coat.”
      Cal went into the bedroom closet and took out the same uniform he wore at the last meeting. It really could have been a  high ranking officer or someone of status; he didn't want to show disrespect by accident.

      Cal met Kyra at the door and she briskly put his coat on him.

      “Come back soon.” She said. “But not too soon, I'll be at Lily's place.”

    “Alright, don't worry, I'll try to make it quick.” He replied

    Walking down the same path who took the last time, at least, now with his jacket on and the fact that he was in no rush, people probably wouldn't notice him. The sun was beginning set once more and the street lights lit up and overnight shops also added to the glow.

    Cal began to contemplate why all the sudden secrecy, especially surrounding these new “threats” of theirs. More importantly, he pondered who actually called for him. It really couldn't be a trick, there was the seal of a member of the Guardians, and one could be punished severely for any infringement.

    As Cal got closer to the doors, he saw a figure standing on the second story balcony. It was Gran. He was probably just gazing and admiring the night, his gaze then shifted to what he thought was shadowy figure walking towards the building.

    Cal garnered it was Gran who had called him. No other reason why he would be standing out on the balcony at a time like this. It was starting to rain and Cal quickened his pace.

    And as if out of nowhere, Gran opened the doors right when Cal arrived. Gran beckoned him in, and Cal, basically ran to the doors.

    “Sir?” He said with a bow.

    “I assume you have pieced together at least part of my message?” Gran said wit ha smile.

    “Other than knowing it was you who sent it, no.”

    “Well, I have some surprises for you and yes it's about that last meeting. Come.” He ushered Cal to walk with him.

    Cal didn't know how to react, his heart seemed to skip a beat, why would they choose to give him information they were so tight lipped about? And what are these 'surprises'.

      As they walked down the temple's hall a dozen yards there was a large brown door to the right. Gran walked up to it and opened it with a key. From what Cal could see, the room was lit by a couple small lamps and was not too big. He came in right behind Gran.

    “Maien!” Cal exclaimed. “What are you...?” He trailed off.

    “Maien has already accepted the offer, the only thing now is you.” Gran said. He gave him a piece of paper. “Because we need to keep these plans secret, you must abide to these terms before hearing what I have to say.”

    Cal sat up straight with attention. It was time to get serious.  He quickly scanned through the paper and took the ink and signed the paper. Gran took it and placed it into his pocket.

      “This is good. As you—both of you—suspected, our new foe is preparing to invade our region, we don't know if they're preparing now, but it's pretty obvious they will. Our experts and leaders decided that the best thing to do, would be to stop the inevitable invasion.” Gran paused. “Now, I know you are going to raise questions, but I assure you other plans are being made and are already being carried out, you and Maien are juts another piece.”

      Cal simply nodded and let Gran continue.

    “So, we have been ordered to take what we have and send them on a multi-phased first strike. You two will be part of part one. Now, what we are planning is to send you two on a 
a special task. You two are to join the ranks of our new enemy—oh, all the information about them will be given to you if you accept, not even I am allowed to know such information.”

    “Sir? So you don't even know their name yet?”

    “I'm afraid not.”He said with a scowl. “Even I'm not supposed to know as much as you, if you two accept this.”

    Cal stayed quiet.   

  “Anyways, once you join there ranks you will act as spies and relay information about them, troop movement, their leaders, technology, anything. You will learn to be like the enemy, which shouldn't be too hard since from what I know, they're recruiting anyone who wants to join them. You will be living with them.”

    Cal shifted uneasily in his chair and glanced at Maien.

    “How long?” Cal almost blurted out.

    “As long as we need you there, preferably, but about one year, just in case, unless you two are doing a good and job and want to continue.”

    “I see...” Cal let out a small breath and folded his arms.

    Gran stayed silent and allowed Cal to contemplate his decision. Maien acted like he was invisible.

    “You said...there were others, too?” Cal asked, still unsure.

    “Yes, working for our defenses, but I'm not sure if anyone else is going to embark on  a journey like this.” Gran replied. As if he sensed what Cal was feeling he clarified “You will be given five days to give me your answer, then I will tell my administrator if both of you are going or not.”

      Cal looked up, more awake now. “Thank you, sir.”

      Gran glanced at them and nodded. “You are both dismissed and free, unless you have any more questions.”

      Cal and Maien stood up, bowed and walked out the door.

      When the two walked out of hearing distance from the temple Maien started to talk.

        “So, what do you think of this?” Maien asked.

        “I'm not too sure really, I mean why us or me?” Cal said. “Have you done much spying when you enlisted?”

        “Well, Cal, don't you remember when we got stranded in the Gathen kingdom? When the ship left?”

        Cal barked out a laugh, as he remembered him and Maien running away from the dogs of a shopkeeper when they stole some clothes to blend in with the people. The two countries were at war then, due to some kind of misconception, but when the Gathen's realized they had been betrayed as their king had been assassinated by former allies, they quickly sided with them and ended the war.

        “It wasn't too bad right?” Maien said with a smile.

        “And you think this shouldn't be any different?” Cal returned, getting a little more serious.

        “Of course not, but I'm just saying we have the experience.” Maien replied coolly. “Why else would they choose us?”
        The logic made sense, they were probably prepared. And this would be vital to the well being of the land, wouldn't it? Factor in the fact that it was his duty to serve, he took the oath of a soldier a long time ago.

          “I'll talk with Kyra about this...”

          Maien knew why he was so reluctant to go and simply nodded as the path forked and the two went their separate ways home. Neither said goodbye and pratically forgot each other, lost in their thoughts.
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