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Understanding eros

      They dance. These three maidens in a garden.
      Raising cups of wine; they spin about a stump.
      The stump is nine links wide and smooth as stone.
      It is the solstice. .. The moon is full.

      A fool. A model of leisure.. Jubilant in lyric,
      he strides onto the great stump... Knelt down
      with hands clasped exclaiming,

      "O happy ship! O happy galleon!
        Lost for my gain!" He empties his
      purse of gold doubloons and precious

      "Let us love to cherish the secrets of
        our hearts... . Let us attend to this
        unseen labour." chanted the maidens.

      They gave the fool to drink from each
      of their cups.. He rose erect,
      "This is the rule which judges you!"

      The Maidens spun the fool about.
      Each took hold of his offerings
      until he stood naked apon the stump.

      The fool laughed, "My children know
      their religion well!" He saw a maiden
      holding a dagger red...

      The fool looked down upon the stump.
      His greatest prize was there..
      He cried, "You have made a eunuch of me!"

      The maidens danced about the stump.
      "Appear not as a judge of us evermore."
      they rejoiced.


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