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Rated: 13+ · Critique · Comedy · #1378620
The time to right the wrongs suffered by our feathered brothers has come
We all know of the great tragedies and unjust the world have overcome, the black revolution getting rid of slavery and on many levels colour discrimination , feminist movement responsible for equal rights regardless of gender and many more, but despite these, we have always seemed to overlooked a species that has bore the most injustice of all, yes thats right i am talking about chickens.

our fine tempered, clucking, nearly flightless friend. now before you assume that i am just another nutty vegetarian ( heh get it huh nutty cause its a vegetable, wait or is it a fruit, well i guess if you look at it scientifically, oh i'm sorry back to the rant)

i am not talking about the consumption of chickens and their daily killings or rather genocides of thousands of chickens but the abuse and smearing that their good name has to go through after their demise.

Cowards or weaklings are called chickens, i mean where did that notion come from, because they tend to run away when they see humans? right, like you would stand your ground if a fat giant came running at you with pots and pans and licking his lips like a deranged maniac. in fact looking at the way they pick on worms, bullying those smaller than you why they are practically high school jocks, stupid but by no means cowardly or weak.

And it seems that their offsprings are not spared from the humiliation, whenever a hot female walks past, the majority of the male species would invariantly think aloud or otherwise what a hot chick, perfectly acceptable,OR IS IT?( ah damn computer keeps activating caps lock by itself.) what if say a hot chicken(literally) walked past and a rooster said 'wow check out that hot baby' now you have an inkling of how it feels for the chicken.

if you still do not believe my theory of man surpressing chickens are genuine, lets look at influential chickens, mice have jerry, cats have garfield, all chickens have is chicky, and hes a homicidal maniac who not only kills chickens but is the poster boy/chicken of a chicken slaughter house. with this kind of 'role model' chickens have no road, other than the one to death.

now do the puzzle pieces fit, the medias lies about avian flu designed to be a smokescreen for the needless killings of thousands of chickens, all this to hide a simple fact, the humans want nay need to keep the chickens mentally and physically weak so that their worst fears will not be fulfilled, chickens ruling the earth (its a long shot but stranger things have happened like rob schneider being still allowed to make films.)

i hope this will have changed your mindset on chickens just a little and realize that we are all brothers regardless of species and that we should all get along.And with that out of the way, now to get me some kfc.

(thanks for reading, pardon any spelling mistakes)

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1378620-Chickens--the-tragedy-and-trauma