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Astral projection
Know Before You Go:

      1. Stay at least 48 hours in one body.
          This time limit does not apply if you are returning.

      2.  Each traveler is allowed one exemption.
          You may bring back one specimen as a pet.

      3.  You as a traveler cannot disrupt the culture,
          municipalities or goverments of the people
          you inhabit.

      4. If another traveler wishes to inhabit the body
          you have chosen, you must clear them with customs.
          A customs representive will notify you if your body
          is exceptable for dual personalities.

      5. The harmonized rate will applied after you have made
          use of your body. Appearances can be deceiving and
          could have potential to do injury to our way of life.
          *Permits will be required for any counter culture custums

      6. The administration recommends that you avoid copulating.
          This may produce disposed family members with a saviour
          complex: in violation of regulation #3.

      7. Wildlife, cats and dogs should not interact in the culture
          in an unnatural manner: in violation of regulation #3.

      8. If you have any questions about customs procedures,
          while in posession of a body please call on the local
          Shaman: located in every shopping mall. He or she will
          have a blue and white aura about their face.

      9. Have fun and play safe.

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