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Poem/Writing #1 in the "joker series".
JOKERS SERIES: The King Of Jokers

The Joker of all jokers
who stacked the deck and
when we thought, we'd had
the last laugh, pulled his cards
from our hands.

And lead us on his mental-circus
ride of pure evil's grip insanity
made us read the writing on the wall
"why so serious"? a card thrown
here and there blurred the lines.

He's the Joker of all jokers
who stacked our card's decks and
pulled the cards from our hands when
we thought the last laugh was ours indeed,
but,it never was, never has been, never will be.

He's the king of all Jokers
and afterall the joker always gets
the last laugh, for he's the joker indeed.

"Why so serious?"

Author's Note: A poem written in memorial of Heath Ledger (1979-2008). For his portrayal of The Joker in "batman: the dark knight" written after seeing the movie trailer preview. God rest his soul.

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