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When her husband dies, a wife has to learn to let him go.
Our last good bye is truth.
Surely, as spirit soars
only a vessel is left.
The person I knew is no more.

I know I have to surrender
for you are truly gone.
Passion's touch, sweet words lost forever.
Darling, I am not that strong.

If I deny truth, it will not be.
No heartbreak left to face.
In limbo, my world remains tied up with you.
As your cologne lingers on a pillow case.

Our children are perking up.
Easy to be a child, although it took a while.
School and play keep them busy.
Memories shared make us smile.

Each night with supper
we put out your 'King of the Castle' plate.
We pretend with Monopoly.
So sly,you wiped us out with Park Place.

I see your silly grin in a mirror,
hear,"It's okay, Punkin" in my head.
Still feel strong arms around me,
replay ravishing nights in bed.

I went to request sedatives.
She insisted I let you pass on.
It is not good for our children
to pretend you aren't really gone.

My hourglass shattered; a sign
to toss out make believe. Stop magic.
Cuff links, a watch, whatever touched your skin,
a tear stained letter, gather all in a velvet bag.

I went to the park where we picnicked,
took a lunch basket for two.
I toasted us with peanut butter, berry jelly.
Read Browning, Suess, Dylan. All rang true.

We were; friends, playmates, scratching cats,
political enemies, soulmates,
lovers like no other, plate throwers
but never uttered the word hate.

Our sacred healing ground;
silence, reverence, a holy waterfall flows.
Gently over rocks worn smooth
to a crystal lake below.

A mystical lake, the tales all say.
An Indian princess lost her life.
Her lover's countless tears gave birth
to a pool, where healing replaces strife.

I took the velvet sack,
slipped my golden wedding band in,
tied up with my love, a journey begins.
"I will never forget you, my lover and friend."

Kathie Stehr
Revised August 2012
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