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Let's see if you can figure out what I'm talking about.
This poison ingested,
addicted to the rush,
falling farther from dreams,
and further out of touch.

Oblivious to the pain I inflict,
deteriorating, feeling senses failing,
the body slows than stops,
my mind starts flailing.

If I stay,
this way for long,
what else can go wrong,
only I am to blame.

Can't let this take me,
but can I be strong,
time to see if my life
can be reclaimed.

I let it chase everything away,
lost so much for a fix,
now I'm in a maze blindfolded,
my thoughts a self induced mix.

Why can't things be simple,
why isn't there a magical cure,
because then things would be happy,
and be a less stressed world.
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