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an action story
I was walking through the forest, when it started, a low soft moaning noise that seemed to come from straight ahead. I stopped and listened, I couldn't hear anything. I started walking again, at every "crack' that I made by stepping on a brach I felt my heart stop.
I heard a soft crunching noise, a noise made by someone who doesn't want to be heard. I panicked and completey lost my sense of direction.
I started running in what I hoped was the right direction, I could hear someone - or something moving after me and knew that I was being followed and that I had been watched the instant I started walking in the forest, I felt a tickling feeling at the base of my skull.
I wondered who was chasing me and why.
In the light of the half moon I could just make out my chasers but I didn't want to look round too much in case I hit a tree.
There were three, two of them were very tall, as they got closer I could see that one of them had teeth that were so big he couldn't close his mouth, the other had arms that looked as though they could crush you in an instant. the third was a woman, I could tell from her voice when he spoke
"find her and bring her to me" she had a voice that was used to being obeyed. I could hear my heart pounding so loudly thay I was surprised that they couldn't hear it, I found a tree to hide behind and stood completely still, and only when the taller two left did I dare breathe.
The tree that I was behind was only about 5 metres away from her.
I had to think fast if not I would never get away, I tried to stop myself shaking, not very easy, and put my hand in one of my pockets to see what I had in it, not much: my phone, a chewing gum wrapper and a bit of paper.
Suddenly I felt my phone start to vibrate and I knew that I had exactly 5 seconds to get it out before it started to ring. To late. When I looked round the tree I found myself face to face with the ugliest face I had ever seen in my life.
Her eyes were cruel and her mouth had three teeth at the most. She caught hold of my wrist with an iron grip and, when I saw the other two I knew that my fate was sealed.
Never again would I see the light of day, never again would I see my little puppy running to greet me.
I will leave behind this diary in the hope that someone will find it. If anyone does please show this to my family and friends and warn everyone to never, ever go walking in these woods after dark.
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