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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Sci-fi · #1381585
Utopian society of perfect people.
Joely Maid

            I am human. I have been born of a woman. This world is a paradise
            for the few, who are genetically designed to live here... I was not.
            My purpose is to serve the New Order as a house maid. The Lady
            of the house is Miss Sabina. Her life mate is Mr. Adrian. They were
            cloned to be married... ..

            There are robots, who can do my work, but my employers prefer
            a human touch... . My duty is to follow their instructions..
            Mr. Adrian summoned me frequently for "nurturing". .. It is human
            sex... Miss Sabina objects to this as "bestiality"... but, she is
            required to submit to sex with her mate. She doesn't like it.

            There was a great debate in the High Council about the usefulness
            of sex.. Genetic engineering has progressed beyond it, but there is
            still a need for "nurturing." .. It is embarrassing to me... I was raised
            by human parents, who had sex in private... My employers do not
            care about privacy.. Sex is like eating to them...

            I have little privacy.. I like to write and water my vegitable garden.
            I like to eat what grows from the earth.. most food is synthetic for
            better nutrition... It doesn't appeal to me. .. I am human.

            My Lady Miss Sabina will not walk barefoot in the garden.. I like
            the soil between my toes... Miss Sabina, places her hand on my face,
            and calls me "silly girl." ..  Clones can't have children... . My parents
            did not want me to work with clones, but the pay is good. I am happy
            but, it can be very embarrassing.

            Science is not my favorite subject.

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