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Second Chapter in my new book.
We reached a clearing where Shane could park his car. I got out slowly, scoping out the area. I gave Shane a confused look and he returned an evil smile. He took my hand and told me to get on his back. I did as he said. He then took off running as fast as he could and we reached the top of a hill in less than thirty seconds.
Once he put me down, I looked up and saw the most exquisite site I had ever seen. The view from the hill was of the whole city and the moon was shining over every single home. I was speechless.
"Shane, it's beautiful." He turned me around to face him, which was better than the view I had just been staring at, took both my hands and placed them on his shoulders.
"I thought you'd think so. I come up here to think sometimes, and now, since I found out about the move I've been up here three times as much." He started swaying back and forth. I finally took the hint and realized that we were dancing.
"What do you think about?" I couldn't wait for this answer. He looked around and then he fully looked at me.
"I think about how my life is going to be without you with me." That one took me by shock. Our eyes locked together even tighter now.
"Don't do that. Think of the bright sides. We're going to be best friends no matter what." That stung me. Best friends, and that's all it was ever going to be.
"Does it have to be that way though?" Now I was utterly confused.
"What way? You want us to not be friends?"
"NO! I would never want that. What I meant was-" He stopped and looked down at his feet. He shook his head side to side.
"What did you mean Shane?"
"Why couldn't you and I be more than best friends?" My eyes filled with amazement. Never before had I thought those words would come out of his mouth. And now they did. I couldn't have been happier.
"I don't understand, since when did you like me?"
"Um, since forever Kensley."
"Forever? No that's not true. You always went on other dates with other girls and never once showed affection to me like you did them."
"Are you kidding me? Kensley, I thought you knew. And I took it as you didn't want want me like that. So I wasn't going to wait around, even though I thought I should keep on fighting, I decided a date or two should be okay."
"But it wasn't. The whole time I was aching to tell you how jealous I was. I just covered it up with being excited for you or getting myself a date. And ever since then I've regretted it all. I'm sorry, I know I should have told you, but I was scared you wouldn't want to see me ever again." Tears were starting to come. I could feel them.
"Kensley, why didn't you just ask me? I would have to you what I felt. Bad or good. You shouldn't have put yourself through all of that. I thought you trusted me with your feelings."
"I do, it's just- wait, why didn't you do the same?" Hah, I busted him.
"Cause, um, fine. I felt the exact same way."
"Well I feel stupid."
"You're not the only one." I laughed and he joined in. But the laughing ceased after I began crying. He wrapped his arms around me and calmed me down.
"What was that about?"
"I thought about how we could have been together sooner, and now you're leaving. You can't go away now that we know how each other feels. It'll ruin everything!" He broke the locking of our eyes and stared out into the distance. His breathing was getting much heavier now. And right then, before I could say another word, he kissed me. It was the most exhilarating thing we've ever done. Finally, after eight long dreadful years, Shane and I were finally together. His lips were relaxed and felt absolutely the way I always imagined it. He needed me and I needed him. Too bad it would end soon, and to my surprise, sooner than I hoped.
We headed for the car after our amazing kiss. Our hands twined together in perfect harmony. He was whistling our favorite song. He was like a jitterbug. Skipping and singing, I couldn't help but giggle. He would stop every couple of minutes and kiss me on the hand, cheek, or lips. And every time he did, my heart would race even faster. He would twirl me around in little circles, or pick me up off the ground and tickle me until I screamed. It took us thirty minutes just to get down the hill. How pathetic.
We arrived to the car a few minutes later. He swiftly opened my door with a 'Here you go ma'am,' attitude. Before I got in, I leaned forward and kissed him gently. He smiled during the kiss and I began laughing. We laughed from then until we reached the main highway. In my head all I could think was, maybe if we convince his parents that we truly are in love, they won't leave. Doubtful, but it could work. I thought that I was head over heels for him before, but now I was doing back flips and saying things I thought I would never say to him. Letting out the truth was what I needed to do all along. I took his hand that he wasn't using to drive and kissed it. He hummed in a low voice the same song he was singing earlier. And with him humming and being with me, I was in heaven. I simply dozed off to sleep and awoke to a tragedy.
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