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Love of elephants leads to embarassment.
My embarrassing moment is from elementary.  I believe I was in second or third grade.  We were given an assignment to write a report on our favorite animal and then we were to give an oral report in front of the class.  I did my report on elephants.  I have always loved elephants and still do.  I think they are strong and magnificent creatures. 
I was very excited when I started my report.  I gathered all the facts I could on Elephants.  I thought my report was going to be the best.  While I was excited to write the report I was not looking forward to giving the oral report.  I have a huge fear of speaking in front of people. 
The day came when I had to read my report in front of the class.  I slowly walked to the front of the class.  The paper shook in my hands.  My face grew very hot and I knew it must be bright red.  This is a feeling I have experienced too many times.  I started reading the report and heard some of the kids start laughing.  Some of them were making fun of my word choice.  Some of them pretended to be sleeping by making snoring noises.  I was humiliated.  I had thought my report was fascinating.  But the other kids, not being elephant lovers, found it boring and filled with too many bland facts such as how many pounds elephants can lift with their trunks. 
Before this I was afraid of speaking in front of people.  This experience made my fear even worse.  From that day on whenever I have to speak in front of people I worry if the information I am giving is boring.  I fear people will laugh.  My love for elephants however, has not changed. 
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