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An inspirational poem about counting on luck more of the time...
Tomorrow will be present, in a few short hours –
It is a day away.  So, do you feel lucky?  Well, do ya, punk?!

Believe in luck, and believe that you’re lucky. 
The ocean is smart – creatures live in it, and the salt
Corrodes the hulls of ships that sail in it. 
The ocean is therefore a natural home to some,
And an unnatural home to others.
If you’re good at numbers, you can calculate
The odds of staying in the water without being eaten.
If you’re lucky, you can stay out in the water for days
Until your luck runs out.  One challenges the odds and the math,
While the other challenges God and the angels watching over him. 

Tomorrow will be lucky for all, and we will defeat this average existence!
We don’t have to deserve stupid luck.  It’s just ours. 
So believe that you’re lucky, and believe that you’re
Gaining ground on some long, steep odds –
Because you’re trying to do the best job you can,
And that helps everyone.  And the best effort you can give
Deserves some stupid luck, doesn’t it?!

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