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One willing to die for the other... without even knowing his name.
Author's Note: THIS IS ONLY A PREVIEW. I can't post everything on here, becaue, to be honest, I have no idea how to use this site, and everytime I figure it out it says I need a paid subscription. So forget that.
Anyway, IF YOU WANT TO READ THE REST there are TWO sites you can visit for more. The first is jean-west.deviantart.com and the second is tokyopop.com/JeanWest
There may be more later. Anyway, so this is just a teaser. PLEASE, tell me what you think anyway. ^^


Blood poured from the boy's wrist. He winced and dropped the razor, automatically holding to his wrist. He bit his lip hard enough to draw blood and forced himself to let go, and with a trembling hand he picked up the blood-stained razor.

It didn't feel like he thought it would. He could feel every bit of blood oozing from his new self-inflicted wound. He took a couple of steadying breaths. This is what he wanted. For it to be over, for it to be all over.... But it wouldn't be over. It could never be over....

He shook his head slightly. Flinching slightly as he moved his fingers, he took the razor in his bleeding hand and held it ready over his other wrists. But he hesitated this time, 'cause he knew what it would feel like.

Closing his eyes tightly, gritted his teeth, and drew the razor across. A sharp gasp hissed through his clenched teeth and the razor fell to the floor again, where it clattered softly into a growing pool of crimson.

The boy tried to steady his trembling hands, and stared down at his bleeding wrists. A shudder ran through his body and he closed his eyes, leaning his head back slowly to rest against the wall. New tears found their way down old trails on his cheeks, glistening and wet in the pale moonlight that filtered down through the bedroom window.

There was suddenly a soft knock on the door and the boy jumped, his heart hammering a thousand beats a second in his chest, the sudden movement making his vision swim slightly.


The male voice was soft, comforting, soothing. Tears flowed more freely down the boy's cheeks. Why did he do this to me...?

The blonde boy's heart thundered loud in his ears as he feared the other might come in, but then he remembered he had locked the doors. And suddenly, a part of him wished he hadn’t....

"Erin? Are you okay?" The voice was anxious now, concerned.

Erin's tears flowed down hot and fast and he bit back a sob, staring down at his bleeding wrists again. The bleeding had slowed some, but his head was swimming and his vision blurring ever so slightly.

There was the sound of the doorknob trying to be turned gently, but to no avail. "Erin, please.... Please forgive me...." Now the voice sounded sad.

The blonde closed his eyes. I do! He wanted to scream, but he bit his lip instead. It's me I hate, not you....

There was silence outside the door for several long moments, and when the voice spoke again, Erin found he had to pull himself back from drifting off. "Erin... I smell blood.... What are you doing?" Now there was hard concern in the other male's voice. "Erin??"

Erin tried to block out the voice. "Please go away...." He sobbed, hot tears flowing freely down his pale cheeks. "Please, please leave...."

(((extracted from chapter one)))


Clearly annoyed by the gold-eyed boy's lack of fear of his gang, the greasy-haired leader approached the teen, a sneer on his lips. "You got anythin' to say now, dickhead?" He growled, pressing the point of his switchblade against the boy's throat.

The dark haired boy was unfazed. "Yeah, and I'll only say it once. Leave the kid and his dog alone."

All of the boys laughed. Erin couldn't believe how much worse this situation was getting. This older boy must have serious problems, to act so stupid with a knife at his throat.

The leader grinned in amusement. "Ah, no, I don' think we will, thanks." He smirked.

The golden eyed boy shrugged. "Fine." And he pushed his head forward, forcing the knife straight into his throat, all the way to the handle.

The three boys around him all yelled in shock and stumbled backwards, the leader leaving his knife in the boy's neck, his eyes wide. "Holly fuck!"

All the other boys were instantly turned towards the black haired boy, eyes wide in horror, Erin and Cherokee forgotten. And even through the knife was gone from his own neck, Erin remained frozen against the wall, his own terrified eyes wide as he stared.

The black haired boy should have dropped to the ground, instantly dead. Instead he raised a hand and grabbed the knife by the handle, and slid it easily from his throat. One of the gang members actually screamed and slammed his back against the brick wall trying to back away too quickly. The gold eyed boy just twirled the blood-stained blade as the wound in his throat closed right before everyone's eyes. "Anyone else wanna give me their knife?"

(((extracted from chapter two)))


James nodded. "I still promise not to hurt you, yes." He said. Cherokee was laying down now, content on cleaning her paw free of any remaining traces of dry blood.

Erin shook his head at his dog's suddenly complete lack of interest as to his well being and very slowly put his hand in James'. The other boy's skin was cool to the touch, but not unpleasantly so. He was gentle and careful, but Erin could still feel an odd strength beneath the surface. It sent a small shudder down his spine.

The dark-haired boy gently held Erin's hand palm-up. "Just try and hold still, okay?" He said, smiling a little.

Even though he didn't care for the way that sounded, Erin just nodded tightly and swallowed.

The older boy slowly and carefully lowered his mouth to Erin's wrists, and closed his eyes. Frost cold lips brushed against his warm, pulsing skin, making the blonde jump just slightly, then he remembered to hold still. The boy felt the cool lips trace softly up and down his arm, and he suddenly found himself acutely aware of everything about the other.

How his black hair was slightly ruffled, but in a way that looked okay. How his skin wasn't quite pale, but not tan either. How his eyelids seemed slightly purple, a light lavender, when his eyes were closed. How cool and pleasant his skin was. How he had a smell of earth and something floral about him. How calming, even now, the aura around him was. Everything seemed suddenly so acute.

And in that instant, so did the feel of needle-sharp points against his wrists.

(((extracted from chapter three)))


More Notes: This story (SO FAR) is only on chapter five (with chapter six quickly on the way) so these are the best teasers I could come up with, so far.... Anyway, yeah, I hope you will visit the other sites to read the rest. ;)
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