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Just some random thoughts and observation on my local police department.
Proactive or Reactive?

Time and time again, I wonder where the money in this town goes. I am quite sure I am not the only person who wonders this. We live in a city where crime is on the rise and money at the government level seems scarce. Which leaves me with another question. Doesn’t it seem like our police force waits for crime to come to it? How many times have you driven I-25 or Powers and seen what seemed to be the entire police force waiting for speeders. When did it become illegal to own a car? Here in Colorado Springs it is starting to feel like it. When I asked an officer when I first moved to the Springs two years ago I asked him why so much emphasis on traffic, he stated that a lot of arrests for were made that way. Makes sense but what about the murders that we had last year? Has there ever been a murder stopped during a traffic stop? Maybe the first step in reducing crime is having an active police force and not one that waits for crime to come to it. Many times late at night you can drive by any parking lot and see police cruisers sitting there sometime two or there of them, kind of downplays the word cruisers huh? Another thing I had to get used to was the absence of the words “To serve and Protect” About a year ago I was driving down Powers when my alternator belt broke, I lost power and stalled in the middle of Powers during evening rush hour. Needless to say I was not the most popular person on the road that day. Two police cruisers passed by me while I was pushing the card to the side of the road having to switch lanes with no power mind you (so no lights) in near dusk. Safe I think not. Back home the first officer would have stopped and lent a hand but not here. Happens more time than you think. Some people will read this and know exactly what I am talking about others will think I am just a complainer, I tell you now it may not of happen to you yet but it will, I have heard complaints from everybody, bus drivers to cab drivers , blue collar workers to white collar workers, and even some of the boys in blue. Here is another example of something that makes absolutely no sense, if your vehicle is damaged by another car in a parking lot or business it is considered private property and the police are limited to what they can do , BUT do they not have a problem with pulling you over in them or hanging out in them late at night? Ponder that one for a minute. So my final question is this, is our police department proactive or reactive or maybe neither.

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