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The importance of writers keeping a journal or notebook
The assignment: Write a short essay on the benefits of a writer keeping a notebook, diary, journal, or blog. Note why you keep one and how it has helped you to continue in your pursuit of the mastery of the craft of writing. Use at least one new word you have never used in your writing before. My homework follows:

Reading lesson one was a roller coaster ride. I was grinning like a fool on my way up the first incline as I realized I'd been perfecting the majority of the 'tools of the trade' for years, screaming like a little girl when 'Keeping a regular writing forum available to yourself is essential' plunged me over the precipice, and left thinking to myself 'that wasn't so bad' after reading 'If you already do this on various pieces of paper and in various places, that's okay, it is still a form of notebook.' My many and scattered notes stashed over the years had saved me.

My oft rambling notebook has been of great benefit to me, as I'm sure the notebooks of writers all over the world have been to them.

It has served as a record of ideas that otherwise would've been long forgotten and allowed me to expound on them should a pertinent thought at some future date apply.

Since I make it a point to reread many thoughts recorded years before after jotting down new entries, it allows me to note cross reference possibilities where they occur.

Last but not least, it is a source of comfort. A secret hideaway all my own where I can immerse myself in the memories each tiny literary snapshot brings to the surface, allowing me gauge my progress across the years.
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