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All contacts necessary for problem resolution
Genesis III
Important contacts

Academy CEO: Deborah Owen (54) (Ms. Deb}

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As the Chief Executive Officer and founder, Ms. Deb is responsible for every aspect of the A-1 Writing Academy. Although her primary functions are directly related to all things “outside the walls” of the Academy (marketing, advertising, etc.), she is available (by her own intent) to any student of the Academy at any time—for any reason. Hers is the final voice in all matters concerning the Academy.

Academy Administrator: Rob G. ~Dove Chronicles~ (33) (Mr. Rob)

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Not only am is Mr. Rob a student, and a member of the Academy faculty, but he also has the responsibilities for all things “inside the walls” of the Academy. Where you might think of Ms. Deb as the Superintendent of the Academy, you can think of him as the Principal. His job is to make sure that everything around here works, people are where they are supposed to be, students get what they need to be successful, and the staff and faculty have what they need to make your individual learning experience successful. You can contact Mr. Rob with any concern at all regarding your Academy experience.


Deborah Owen (54) (Ms. Deb) Registration and Enrollment

Do you need to know when your tuition expires? Are you having trouble accessing a course you have registered for? Ms. Jen is the person to contact! She is our staff Australian connection, and she is awesome. Not only does she “spread the mateship” wit everyone she meets, but she has the answer to the questions! If you need information or help with your tuition or registration, please let her know. She does love to help!

Primary instructor: Molly Jean

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Associate instructor: Associate Instructor: Mr. Gunny

My Useless Muse  (E)
Should I wait on my muse, or tell him to get lost?
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