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I wrote about whether the human beings' activitists improved the condition of the earth.
For centuries, the ways people live have changed a lot. In modern times, people prefer automobiles which emit carbon dioxide to bicycles for the speed. People use air conditioner which produces Freon gas rather using fans. Furthermore, now people run and walk through the asphalt-paved road which cannot absorb any water and mumble when they encounter with the natural roads such as muddy roads. Human beings lives have become much comfortable and easy with the developing technologies. But those technologies and the result of it, comfort, ironically worsen the state of the earth and even it gradually becomes human being’s main cause of the anxiety. I strongly argue that the humans’ activities highly damaged the condition of the earth.
To begin with, human activities with the progressive development of the science and the technologies have enormously negative influence on the earth. With the technologies, people could know how to use the natural resources for their economical profits. As the capitalism becomes influential, the desire people want to earn money become bigger and bigger. If they can produce profits, they do anything without any hesitation and worries whether it damages the environment. To illustrate this point, people reclaim land from the foreshore to get more food even it causes the destruction of the marine ecosystem. Also, people of the Brazil ruined the rainforest of the Amazon to get the oil and sell the trees. Environment is being demolished under the human beings’ egoism.

In addition, for the comfort people use things even it is anti-environmentally friendly for example such as things emitting the carbon dioxide or the Freon gas. If they can live with the easiness, people do not consider whether it harms the nature or not. As I stated first, until people feel the seriousness of the situation, they would steadily or even more use automobiles or air conditioners if they can go quicker or live cooler. As it is well-known, the gradual release of the carbon dioxide can cause the acute result, global warming. Release of the Freon gas also worsens the problem by giving rise to the green house effects. Because of the global warming and the green house effect, the glaciers of the arctic are melting and the sea level also progressively increasing which already make some islands disappeared.

We who is seeing and feeling those visibly serious effects of the human beings’ activities on the earth cannot deny that humans’ activities, make the condition of the earth even terribly worse instead of improving it. To conclude, developed science and the technologies encouraged people to utilize the earth for their profit regardless of the preservation of the nature and for the comfort people did not consider any side effects of their ways on the earth, which eventually damaged the earth. People are egoistic and therefore, their activities cannot but be egoistic either. If we could know the results of our activities previously, we would not give any tries that harm the nature.
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