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Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Gay/Lesbian · #1386301
Sisters of the Moon - magic, love & fantasy
A Sage Navarre Novel

Sage Navarre walked down the driveway, happy with herself, everything was going well for her. The ring she had made for Zia upstairs safely locked away in her chest, and Theo had finally gotten off her case about the gift she had given him.
"Finally" she thought to herself, "he is over how I got it."
All the work she had been doing at her mothers New Age store was even begining to pay off, the coven was getting new blood thanks to her. When faced with the choice of her family coven or the Henway coven, most were choosing the Dyer’s, those that didn’t preferred to be Solitary. “That’s okay,” she told the trees as she passed, “some may want to be members one day. Maybe that funny idea mom about Solitary’s joining themselves to our coven for solidarity and in case of emergencies will take root.”
Fred Henway had finally got the message that Zia and she were together, and staying that way. Giving him that message was the reason she was walking and not driving her car. Boy, were Mom and Gran pissed that she sent him to the emergency room. Gran wanted to do much worse, but as usual her mother made the final decision.
“Yes, things couldn’t be better if I had planned it myself.”

She entered through her part of the house, "I really need to put a kitchen in here somewhere" she thought looking around. She headed towards the kitchen in the main part of the house, having money has its benefits. Sage wanted laugh for the pure joy she was feeling as she walked the hallway, but came to a sudden stop hearing voices in the kitchen. Standing silently in the doorway, Sage looked around the room, taking note of the faces around the table. She watched a dark haired woman walking around the room, and Lady bless, she was putting on one hell of a production.

“Look Moll, I don’t know for sure if she did it or not, but she is the only one with access to my house.”
“Just why does my daughter have access to your house?” Sages’ mother asked her voice full of suspicion.
The woman sitting on the other side of Gran spoke up,

“Sad to say Sara, most of us know what she did to poor Megan.”

Sage stood in the doorway in disbelief; they cannot believe that crap she thought to herself.
Unable to contain herself, “Poor Megan?” she shouted as she burst into the room making a beeline for the dark haired woman, “As I recall “poor Megan” wasn’t the one tied to the bed, and I was not the only person enjoying themselves.”
“Sage Angelina Navarre that is enough!!” Gran’s voice echoed through the small kitchen.
“You don’t believe her. Seriously, she’s obviously lying.” Sage said. Her eyes begging her mother not to believe. Please, don’t let her believe it, Sage’s heart felt like lead. “Ask Zia, or Lashia I never forced myself on anyone. Mother...” The last coming out like a plea.
“Yes I…we do, and that is why we have already placed a call to Chief Onereo” spat the dark haired woman.
Feeling her anger swell, Sage stepped towards her, grabbing her arms,
“What have you done Anita?”
The woman smiled a feral smile, “You made the wrong choice, Sage darlin,” she whispered. Sage tightened her grip on the woman, her magical energy coming to her easily in her rage, the woman squeaked in pain.
“Sage enough,” Gran slapped her hand on the table, “let her go, NOW!

Sage didn’t like taking orders, especially from her grandmother. One minute Sage was preparing to send a jolt of energy through the woman the next, she was knocked to the ground from the jolt her grandmother had sent her way.
Sara ran to her daughter, Sage stood reacting immediatly, she returned the energy to her grandmother. Moll had not expected her granddaughter to fight back, stumbled almost falling herself from the shot. Sage was ready to release the next one when her mother stepped between them.

“This is a family affair, not a coven affair. I will appreciate it if you will allow me to speak with my daughter and mother in private regarding this problem.”

“See Moll, Sage has been running free far too long, someone needs to exert some control, it’s obvious Sara can’t do it.”

“Leave me to mind my daughter, and you mind yours,” Sara warned.

“She runs around this town, not caring about the shame she is bringing to her family or our coven, be warned Sara, if you don’t stop her...”

“Never, if you love the life the Lady has given you, NEVER threaten my family!” Sara's voice had grown soft, but carried her authority and command, walking toward the woman. “What the Lord and Lady have given me is NOT yours to judge or punish Anita..attend your own house!”

Gran placed her hand on her daughters arm, “She’s right Sara. Sage is headstrong and needs a firmer hand than yours.”

“WHAT!! You will pay for this Anita!” Sage advancing on the woman who had caused all the trouble.

“Leave her Sage!”

Looking around the room, all Sage could see were faces of strangers, walking past them she headed out the door. Ignoring her mothers voice calling for her to stop as she hit the door.

“She’ll be back,” she heard her grandmother say.

In all her years, Moll had never been so mistaken.

Once away from the house Sage took off at a run taking the short cut through the orchard behind the house. She had to get to Zia, she kept telling herself as she ran. Zia would understand, she would never believe the lies Anita and Megan were telling. Zia would help her make Gran understand it wasn’t her it was them. With Zia by her side she could fix all of this, fix anything! If only she could talk to Zia before her father got home.

Frank Onereo met Sage at front porch, “Stay away from my daughters Sage!”

“I’m here to see Zia, Mr. Onereo, I won’t stay long.” she said trying to sound respectful she tried to step around him.

“Maybe you didn’t hear me,” Frank growled grabbing her by the arm he began to march her backward off the porch “You’re not welcome here. Now leave!”
With that, he released her, causing her to stumble off the porch. Feeling her control fleeing, Sage felt magic swirl around her, continuing to grow as it fed on her anger and fear, when the front door opened Sage had a large energy ball bouncing on her left hand.

“Enough! Sage stop it!” a familiar voice brought her focus. Sage stood looking at Zia, her eyes swollen from tears; she stumbled loosing her magic from the pain coming from the girl she loved.

“It’s okay dad, Sage won’t stay long.” Lashia told him from behind her sister.

“I’ll be back in thirty minutes,” pointing his finger toward Sage, “She, had better be gone!”

Sage went to comfort Zia, hurt and confused as Zia pulled away from her as though she were on fire.

Looking between the two, Lashia handed Sage a towel, Sage realized she was soaked to the skin. When did the rain start she wondered.

“Leave with me, Zia. We can find somewhere else to be.” Sage blurted out, feeling a sudden burst of happiness followed by sadness from the twins.
“I can’t Sage.”
“Why not? I can support us, I have money put up that Mom and Gran don’t know about. I’m not saying it will be easy but anything is better than this. All the jealousy, lies and bull shit! Together we can do whatever we want!”

“I’m not sure about us, Sage, about me.”

Sage felt her world begin to crumble, “That’s your father talking Zia.”

“No Sage, it is me. I know he doesn’t understand, but neither do I.”

Sage looked to Lashia for help.

“Give her time, Sage. I’m sure everything will be alright, eventually.” Lashia said gently.

Feeling like she had just been kicked in the gut, tears began in her dark eyes,

“Time for what?”

“To find out who I am.” Zia whispered.

Sage looked at Zia, “I know who you are, I love you.” grabbing her fast, she held Zia in a lovers embrace, kissing her, Zia returned the kiss with enthusiasm, then stopped and pulled away.

“I’m not sure.”

The hurt shown in Sages dark eyes, Zia instinctively stepped into the embrace again, it was Sages turn to step away, like she had been bitten, now angry.

“How much time do you want Zia, a day, month, a year, two? How many partners am I expected to watch you "play house with" until your father is satisfied?”
Bitterness replacing the compassion of moments ago.

“That’s enough Sage!” Lashia who had been standing there watching in horror as her friend and sister tore at each other tears running unchecked down her own face.

“You want time and space Zia?” she spat, “You’ve got it. Take all the time you need.” Sage looked over her shoulder, “Take care of her Lashia I’m gone.” With that, Sage was gone into the rain.

Sisters Of The Moon

Fifteen years later…..

“Are you sure about this?” Zia Onero asked for the third time.

“Well, it was either you, or her grandmother personally, I think she would rather see you when she steps off the plane.” Sara Navarre answered. “Besides you were the only one she ever managed to keep her temper in check around.”

“Sara, to break up in an airport with one woman, and then get into a car with your high school ex, well you know what I mean. Don't you think it might be a little much?”

Sara smiled at that, she knew all too well, what Zia meant. Had it really been that long since Sage had been home? It seemed so much longer. Time dragged where her daughter was concerned.
Seeing the night her daughter left in her mind, remembering the reason the old anger burned.
They are both strong-willed women, and Sage comes by her temper honestly, her grandmother has one, so did her father. Sara thought
I hope they at least make an effort to be nice to each other.

Sara’s mother had been good as gold when Sage called from the airport to let her know that she missed her flight, and had to take a later one. Sara knew that Lashia, Zia’s twin was not going to be able to go with her to the airport, but her mom suggested Zia.

“Look, you don’t like driving by yourself, and I am the last face she is going to want to see when she steps off the plane. Ending a relationship with someone is hard enough, without having to do it in a public airport. No, I think getting one of the girls to go with you would be better.” Moll suggested.

Sage’s own brother Theodine didn’t want to go either.

“It might be too much mom. We haven’t talked in awhile. I don’t know if I am ready to see her, yet.”

“You better be ready” she told him, “she is staying in her old rooms, and we are having a family dinner tomorrow!”

It had taken eight years of tracking but she found her daughter about five years ago, living in New Zealand under the name Dyer. For the first two years Sara had been afraid that Sage had disappeared like her father. She had tracked her to DC, and then to a hole in the wall in Virginia, and then Sage had dropped off the earth.

Sage had been a mix of emotion when Sara showed up at her door, Sara wondered whether it was the right thing to do. Wondering if her daughter would just slam the door in her face.
Luckily, she hadn’t, Sage had invited her in, and they talked late into the night. That was a new beginning for them. Her daughter had changed, she wasn’t the teenager she had been when she left so many years ago. There was a coldness to her, something that Sara thought might take a little “family” healing time. There never seemed to be time to bring it up when they were together. Everytime, she thought she could ask about it, her daughter's girlfriend seemed to have a new crisis.
A couple years back an attack on Zia brought Sage back to town, for a day, long enough for her to realize she missed her home, among other things. This might just be what is needed; maybe she would finally be able to heal the damage that had been inflicted on her family.

Over the past two years, she had begun to notice how often her daughter asked after the girls whenever they talked. How Sage’s voice and body language would perk up if the conversation turned toward Zia and Lashia. Looking over at Zia, she could understand why.

At thirty-two Zia Onero was just as beautiful as she had been at seventeen. Her shoulder length brown hair had hints of red running through it, accenting her skin. Zia was not exactly pale, but a pleasant mix of coffee and cream. Lashia was more coffee than cream, both girls had striking green eyes. Without the difference of skin tone, she knew that she would never be able to tell the girls apart. They even seem to move the same.
Somehow, the Onero twins had captivated her children. Theodine married Lashia four years ago, finally giving in to the inevitable. Sara‘s daughter on the other hand, when things stopped going her way had chosen to cut and run. Neither Frank nor Moll could handle the romance that had blossomed between the girls. Sage had chosen to leave, feeling attacked and wronged by those around her.

“So, what caused the break-up do you know?” Zia asked interrupting her thoughts.

“Well, she arrived in town hoping to surprise Cherish. Sage walked in on her with someone else, then Cherish tried to tell her it wasn’t what it looked like. She really surprised her! Sage may finally give up on her. Lady know’s I’ve been praying for it. They tried counseling, if you can picture our Sage in counseling; this was finally the last straw.”

“Her name is Cherish? As in that old eighty’s song? Oh Gods, was she a stripper? ” Not able to contain the laughter in her voice Zia covered her mouth trying to keep in the giggles. “Is that a real name? Or her “stage” name?”

“Nope, Cherish is exactly what you would expect from her name. She has had my girl wrapped around her finger for the past few years.”

“Really? She sounds kinda...” and making a waffling motion with her hand.

“High maintenance is the word you’re looking for honey and Sage has been able to afford her too. Cherish told Sage that she has been looking for a reason to split up, this was just an excuse.”

“Well if cheating wasn’t enough reason what would be?”

“That is an answer only my daughter knows. She was furious when we talked on the phone, to the point of turning around and heading back to New Zealand.”
“What changed her mind?”

“Honestly? I begged just a little, and told her that you were coming to dinner.”

“Me, why?” Zia asked trying to keep the excitement from her voice and failing.

“I mentioned that we were having a big family dinner tomorrow, and that you were looking forward to seeing her. You are right?”

“I don’t know. Kind of nervous is more like it, we haven’t spoken in so long and things ended pretty bad between us. I’m glad that she decided to come home though.”

They drove the dark road listening to the raidio, watching as the snow swirled across the black top like tendrils of smoke across a black mirror. Snow had come early this year, it was only the end of September, and already snow was piled along side the road, with more to come.

“And the other thing?” Zia asked.

“Not really sure about that. Mom and I are trying to figure out who is behind it and why. As of yet we can’t come up with anyone.”

“How about Fred?”

“Fred? Your ex-husband, Fred?”


“What makes you think him?”

“His family has what it would take to pull something like that off, and he accused Sage of having him jumped, after...”

Zia let the rest of the sentence trail off; just mentioning Fred brought back bad memories.

Sara reached her hand over squeezing Zia’s hand reassuringly.

“You tried it the way everyone said was the “right way”, and it didn’t work out. Knowing how you feel and making a conscious attempt to enjoy life that way is tough, having that asshole as a husband made it tougher. Remember, you tried to fit into a “box” that wasn’t made for you. No one, can deny his or her heart forever, eventually you have to just be yourself. Even your father has come to accept it right?”

Zia shivered under her touch, knowing that Sara was right. Her twin had always known she was a lesbian. Lashia even told her numerous times to just admit it to herself and move on. Her father on the other hand had real trouble with his daughters’ sexuality, to make him happy she tried “playing it straight,” eventually marrying Fred Henway.

“Penny for your thoughts, hon? The look on your face…stop thinking about the past. The past is what was, now is what we have, even tomorrow is uncertain.”

“You know the Henways, Sara, as long as your families have been feuding. What, do you think?” Zia asked jumping back to their earlier conversation.

“Honestly? We are stumped by it. It doesn’t look like their signature either which is strange.”

It hit all at once, feeling a familiar tingle Sara only had a split second to react. She chose to protect Zia, instead of herself, she surrounded her with the most powerful shield she could weave quickly. A sudden flash of light, as if a bolt of lighting hit the car; the energy fried the electrical system. Steering, brakes gone, all they could do was spin and hold on.

A second flash struck the car, killing Sara. Zia screamed in terror as the car flipped over. The air bag that had been installed a few years back now hit her in the chest and face as the car rolled down the embankment. Something large and black came out of the darkness, watching as it drained what essence was left in Sara. Turning towards her opening its mouth, suction cups covered its tongue as it kept sticking to the protective shield Sara had placed around her.
It was getting angry, shooting its tongue at her, and not being able to reach her. Finally, Sara was completely gone, the protective shield flickered and then vanished, Zia lashed out with all the energy she had. The monster screamed, it had almost completely drained her energy when a bright orange flash struck it's flank, then was sprinting away over the snow.
The Huntsman pulled her gently from the car, “It is not yet your time lady. Center yourself, you have been injured.”

Zia’s sight was going misty when she realized that Sara was standing beside Him. “No, Sara!” she cried, “Sage won’t make it with out you.”
Sara leaned down to touch her, “Zia she will need you now, more than ever. Hold on, you have to be here for her. Tell her and Theo…if you remember I love them.”

Then the Huntsman turned with the essence of Sara freed when the beast fled, he motioned for her to follow, as they walked away Zia whiffed the smell of smoke, “Fire?” she thought drifting into unconsciousness.

Moll Dyer sat upright in her chair fear, despair and rage washing over and through her. “Not my Sarah!” she whispered she had no strength to scream around the weight that settled on her chest as she felt the loss of her daughter.

Moll reached for the phone and found a cold nose and heavy head. Looking into the eyes of her granddaughter’s dog she found Bayshore holding out the phone for her. Petting Bayshore with one hand she dialed Frank’s cell number.

Lashia stumbled as she walked. Her husband caught her arm and pulled her close. Lashia was gasping for breath, and begining to hyperventilate clutching her husbands arm like the last solid thing in the world.
“What is it?” Theodine asks her his dark eyes full of concern.

“Zia, Sarah, oh no…..” was all she said before the darkness took her.

Chief Onero, responded to the accident moments behind the fire truck, to find his daughter and the body of Sara Navarre lying not too far away from a bright orange inferno that once was Sara’s car.
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