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you cant fool me. so deep in your ways. you think you can but we will see in the days.
your much to smart
to fall on my behalf
you have him
he is your staff

i admire your profane confession
he is all you have
he is all blessin.

as long as you are in his arms
your love i can not have
always happens that way
this is the torment i must sort out
why do i see the passion that you enjoy
that streams from my fingertips into your soul
i lick them up while my soul feels whole

so decieved am i lost in my ways
god what a fool i am.
i have turned my back you more than once
why do i struggle and enjoy it at the time
i lose out on so much of your life
i create from within my own strife
lead away by the lust of my own skin
to sin to sin again and again.

they say choose your battles wisely my love
do you think this you have done?
why did you listen to his voice and obey
are you willin to stay?
are you willing to be there for me
in person or on the phone
in a note or from a boat

it is your passion to walk that sea
it use to be behind me
back in egypt where i use to dwell
i feel it - i see it - my sweatness swell

i want to explode and act like hell
then i see you and remember i fell
that turns me on and then
remember that this is called sin
what shall i do with thee
thats me
shall i run even further from you my lord?
why do i feel like the ones that are worthy to be served
i can not....
with out loosing myself awaiting thier open door
as we hit the floor
with passion and lust streaming from our dust
falling the ever more
hurting you making you sore
putting you through our inpure ways once again
why my lord do i sin
why did you let me let em' in
i know you and have experienced your touch
why would i want to turn so much

please help me for i am pale
wanting to taste ....
wanting to go back and fail .....
please fill the gap with your predetermined peace.

I DARE YOU to tell me of your inner struggles.
i cant fall asleep in this moment of mine
why do i think you are divine.
i am so weak and have not made you strong
rather i fall and do wrong

why do i feel as though i can have
what i know i cant? i hate this life
all filled with strife. why cant i leave.

when i think about me
and see
what others do not have
i feel so foolish.
i have it all really when it comes
to living here in america
land of the free
yet there are demons all around me.
i have held you when you needed me most
i feel as though you actually understand and care not to boast

i cant tell all
as if that could ever happen
maybe just in this season..
i love you
for .... reason.
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