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This Is Life....
Do you often wonder? Just wonder about anything? I know I do. I try to wonder exactly what is going through people's minds when their bus is late or when they're rushing to their gate on time to fly. I find it fascinating when I stand at a train station and look at everyone around me; I observe their facial expressions and stance. If I see someone with a worried look on their face or they are scared and maybe pasing up and down the platform, I think to myself, "I wonder whats worrying them? have they missed their train? or they need to get somewhere urgently."

Yea, ok, this sounds sad and boring I know, but this is what passes time by for me when I wait for a bus or I have hours to waste at the airport. There are so many different types of people at an airport; I like to sit down and work out how they are feeling and what they are thinking just by looking at their face. If a couple are arguing I try to figure out why or I make up a storyline to suit their drama, almost like im narrating a film.
I like to look at small kids who are running around trying to enjoy themselves at 3'0clock in the morning because their flight is delayed. I also try to make a storyline out of these childrens. I secretly bet that inside they are probably bored stiff and tired like they have never been tired before but they like to make the most out of the time they have at the airport by running around and feeling free. I wish I could do that; I wish I could just have a constant feeling of happiness and excitement, but I suppose that would just be boring, life needs to have all those ups and downs otherwise no-one would get through life without challenges and in my opinion I think that friendships and relationships and love are all brought together by challenges and feelings of sadness aswell as excitement and joy.

Sorry, I am completely wandering off the subject, I never seem to stick to a subject, I wander off course like a tree, I follow the different branches until nobody understands what I am actually talking about.

I get bored of listening to my music on long bus journeys, so, again, i look around me. on one bus journey I have had, there was a man. he was rather small and tramp like. he was scruffy and he had a beard and all he did was talk and talk and talk to everyone on the bus. He was constantly distracting the bus driver and disturbing others on the bus, to be honest with you, I was scared of him. I didn't want him to come and sit next to me and ask how my day was, i'm sure he was a nice man, but I didn't like his complete outgoing and laidback self.
Another time I had was when I caught a bus back from town and it was averagely full when a man who must have been middleaged, sat in front of me... and started singing. He was singing loudly (and out of tune). Three girls at the back of the bus were laughing out loud at him, I thought this was unfair and a family at the front of the bus were patronising him and were trying to be nice to him but in a nasty way. I didn't like this either, unfortunatly I couldn't do anything about it. However the man didn't take anything to heart and he believed the people at the front of the bus when they said he should go on the ex-factor, the man said he didn't want all the commotion and fuss. The one thing I liked about this man was that he was singing happy songs and he was constantly smiling, I liked his attitude and I thought it was unfair of the other to laugh at him and patronise him. If everyone was like who he was, smiling, singing happy songs, and not giving a monkeys about their surroundings then nobody would be laughing at each other and patronising each other.

This is random I know but I wanted to share how I feel and what I do.

I have probably bored you now, whether you where happy and excited, sad or just average, this random opinion of mine has probably bored you.
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