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Written at the end of a long relationship. Work In Progress.
The last time I saw you
I couldn’t believe how amazing you looked
And I couldn’t believe how you looked back at me
Later on, standing on your front porch
Behind the bushes
Away from prying eyes
Embracing and listening to the night
Until the car horn honked
And I had to leave.
What happened?
Are the rumors true?
Is there someone else?
What happened to you?
The last time I saw you
You barely looked at me.
You said “hi” as your eyes searched the crowd for another
Before finally walking away
And leaving me confused.
I miss you.
Give in or give up.
Better yet, give me an answer
So maybe I can move on.
But I will always love you.
You listened when no one else did.
You were there when I was alone.
And when I couldn’t stand,
You held me up.
First love never fades away
I’m afraid
This one will have to.
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