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Rated: 18+ · Serial · Cultural · #1388014
A Study Of Sences

            Double vision, loss of apetite
            Migraine behind frontal lobe,
            Dizziness, nausua.

Paola Gelsomina: stewardess.

              Age 22, female
              average height; 5'2'
              average wieght; 135
              Has not been pregnant.


          "I am afraid my uniform will give me a rash; it's too tight.
            I have been in space flight four years. .. between earth and mars. and
            sometimes the moon.. I have nightmares of floating away from my
            transport ship... I think the stars are staring at me: when I'm in the
            sonic bathroom... I don't like coffee. It smells like jet fuel."


            "Have friendly conversation at work, wear heavier underwear.
            Cover the space portal and play soothing music while off duty.
            Remember interplanetary flight is safe and friendly. Mars trips
            take several months, excercise and play video games with


            "I want to be touched all over: when I am serving the passengers.
            A passenger bumped into my butt, while I was serving coffee. I
            spilled the coffee on a lady passenger's blouse and skirt..
            I liked it... She was very upset. I gave her napkins and escorted
            her to the sonic bathroom... She asked for her suitcase and I
            brought it to her.. I was excited to see her undress."


            "Find a companion to share your free time with.. Ask if you can
              wear slacks, instead of a miniskirt and pink nylons."


              Stewardess will require more personal time for a healthy lifestyle.
              Spandex transparent uniforms may not promote a healthy attitude.

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